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    found this on line, which is interesting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49608471
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    The hull scheme, looks to be pretty much what I was thinking. The convenience for me would come, in only having to turn up for games and not having to bother about buying cup tickets or renewing come the summer. Not a major thing I admit, but I can bet we miss out on some season ticket renewals because people dont grt round to it and then get out of the habit of coming to games. I wouldn't suggest a 12 month minimum though as I think that would put off a lot of potential sign ups.
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    Just renewed my Phone contract and it’s got me thinking that season tickets are a bit 20th century. Your average iPhone or high end Samsung come in at £600-700 which every phone company has sussed out that no one will buy in one lump. Obviously it’s not just phone contracts that do this, Netflix, Audible, Gyms and Sky. 319 + 3 home cup games @£15 each, would probably more than break even with your average season ticket holders average home ticket spend. That would come in at £30 a month, over 12 months, which still sounds expensive to me, but I think it would give you a lot of options to convert a single sale into a subscription. Say you get a walk on for the Huddersfield game later this month, the ticket office can have the conversion its £22 for the one game or take out the subscription £30 and get Sheffield Wednesday that month as well. Or even better say we get a home cup tie against a top half premiership team in January, £22 to come to that or £30 and get that game + Preston & QPR. Personally I’d welcome the convenience I quite often don’t buy tickets for cup games and pre-season friendlies not because I can’t afford it or can’t go, I just don’t get around to doing it. Only possible disadvantage for the club could be people cancelling in June, but I think evidence from other places would suggest that people don’t tend to cancel these types of subscriptions.
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    The majority of Rovers fans will of been taken to their first game by a family member, who was probably taken to their first game by another family member. To look at this you need to put yourselves in the position of someone who has never been to a match at Ewood or potentially any other sporting event anywhere. Going to your first game, without being taken, isn't as straight forward a process as it could be, granted the Internet probably makes it easier than it was 20-30 years it's easy to find ticket info online and buy tickets. But where would you sit, where would you feel safest with your kids, how much swearing will there be, will the traffic be bad, where will I park, will there be problems with away fans as I go back to my car. All things that once you've been to a couple of games probably don't seem like an issue, but if you never been they are all reasons why you might take the kids to the cinema instead. A simple to use well publicised park and ride that you can pre-book and guarantee a simple and straight forward match day experience has got to help, the first time fan, but it's not going to instantly add thousands on to the average gate. I'd probably go as far as to say it probably wouldn't get that much use on a matchday as there is so much on street parking, so would no doubt be cancelled as a failure.
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    The atmosphere or lack thereof is a major problem, I think it costs on the pitch as well as off it. Watched a YouTube video by a arsenal fan , going to the a game on the ‘Yellow Wall’ , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ6VSmv9C3g The singing their which is mega organised and led by people with megaphones. Personally I don’t think that level of orchestration will go down to well with your average Lancastrian, we’d be better served with a few leather lunged individuals starting chants. If I was the club, I’d really give some serious consideration to a singing section in the Blackburn End, front and central. Get the mood right in the Blackburn End and if a song starts it will catch, you can see that even now. My plan would be. By application 100 season tickets on Direct Debit at half price, if you’re not singing you lose your half-price ticket. Arrange a couple of nights a month for members of the singing section in Blues bar, half price drinks , free chips or whatever, to work on their singing and come up with new songs. Make the bar areas in the concourse bigger and quicker. Give season ticket holders a £2 voucher to spend in the ground if they get to the game 45mins before kick off. Come up with an ‘entertainment’ program leading up to kick off designed to get an atmosphere, my preference would be some 90’s indie to sing along to, but suspect that members of a singing section would have better suggestions.
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    Current chants

    A bit of festive cheer You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why Danny Graham is comin' to town Danny Graham is comin' to town Danny Grahams is comin' to town He's counting your fingers He's counting them twice He's gonna find out Who's naughty or nice Danny Graham is comin' to town Danny Graham is comin' to town Danny Graham is comin' to town He knows if your a Dingle Or a plastic manc He knows if you've been bad or good So be a blue for goodness sake Repeat...

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