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  1. Dontfuckwithcats

    Rovers v Millwall. Wed 2nd Dec 7.45pm

    I've got gillingham v Bristol rovers m commentary playing through???
  2. Dontfuckwithcats

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Just checking in to say I'm still boosting off our win, this will keep me going until the weekend at least.
  3. Dontfuckwithcats

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    I literally just cannot seem to get enough of this win, half pissed on brandy and beer just ordered a massive pizza, I shall sleep happy tonight!!!! Dolan scoring has just absolutely silenced the nobbers, I do not think they can possibly recover from this. That backflip....!!! The best bit? Watching mowbray just sit in the stands calmly sipping water, what a magician! One to remember.
  4. Dontfuckwithcats

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Preston fans remind me of men with short man/dick syndrome, unhappy with their small height and it shows, bitter and jealous towards their rivals they have so much to try and prove. Believe me it would upset them much more if they lost then it would us. However it's always beautiful to silence cocky little jack Russells up.
  5. Dontfuckwithcats

    Bournemouth away

    2-1 Rovers Time we broke this first game deadlock. Thing is with hitting so many blacks eventually you are going to land on red.
  6. Dontfuckwithcats

    Swansea City home

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47424358 This was at the 36 game mark last year losing to preston, I find viewing where we was then at 17th with 44 points and where we are now very sobering.
  7. Dontfuckwithcats

    Swansea City home

    Win the next 2 games and we could well be 6th place. Yes we are inconsistent, yes we miss chance after chance to take advantage of opposition losing. But we are 3 points away from the playoffs, we have a good chance here to sneak in. End of.
  8. Dontfuckwithcats

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Exactly my opinion mate. Every game is a cup final I agree, but going off previous years 6th place stats we can be sure enough to be there or abouts if we win X amount of games from now untill may. I expect a loss but I know we can surprise when it come to the "big shot" teams.
  9. Dontfuckwithcats

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    "Should be beating teams like blackburn" Why should the likes of other teams be beating teams like us?
  10. Dontfuckwithcats

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    My spidey senses was certainly on form. what a result!!!!!! COYB
  11. Dontfuckwithcats

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Hahahahahaha quality
  12. Dontfuckwithcats

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    My rovers senses are tingling mark my words this will be a win for rovers, wed are flying we are heading close to rock bottom with confidence, they will play on the front foot and will be very attacking. This is a typical example where rovers pulls one out of the bag and mowbray starts to climb out of hell again.
  13. Dontfuckwithcats

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    I dont care what the stats look like, we are due a rebound regardless of player injuries, I look forward to it!
  14. Dontfuckwithcats

    Preston (home)

    Can Gallagher relive his scoring debut on the reverse fixture? Last chance salloon for him me thinks.
  15. Dontfuckwithcats

    Preston (home)

    I was driving though millhill past the train station last year pne fans spilling out into the road smacking the car windows as me and a friend drove through, small child in the back scared. Both sides can be bad it's to be expected, but Preston fans do have alot of hatred for us, more so than we do them. They are slagging us off now on the forums because apparently we are doing a 1 minute applause marking 25 years since the prem, so what? It will always be a massive achievement one which nobody in Lancashire will ever replicate, we will always celebrate it and they will always hate it. Really want to put one over them today it will really effect them.

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