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  1. oiks paying a tenner, standing in the rain and bravely chanting insults at 20 opposing fans at Accy Stanley As one of the brave oiks let me say it is infinitely preferable to enduring the passionless fare served up at Eerie Park. You can keep your over-hyped, over-paid Premiership cheats, divers and strolling front men!
  2. [quote name='AggyBlue' date='Dec 5 2006, 23:14 ' At one point Nonda gave up on a pass that both commentators insisted he could have got. No player ever gives up on a pass at the Fraser Eagle Stadium- come on down and see 110% tryers. I know how you are all hurting tonight - break free like I did years ago!
  3. 1960 cup final was the worst day of my life. After a fantastic run to get to the final, including beating the Clarets in a replay with 55,000 on, and then Harry Leyland's game of a lifetime in the semi at Maine Road with a 72,000 crowd, we were betrayed by everything that surrounded that game, as Fife has outlined earlier. Perversely, and I don't know why to this day, I bought a season ticket for 1961-2.
  4. Ha ha - very funny. Except that Accy Stan have just transferred (loaned?) two quality attackers who make Rovers look like carthorses.
  5. Harrier7

    [Archived] Rovers V Basel

    Good idea! Much more exciting watching proper football!!
  6. Harrier7

    [Archived] Accy Friendly

    Don't patronise us - even the Dingles show more respect than you lot.
  7. Harrier7

    [Archived] Goal Of The Season

    Bellamy's was the best of the lot. All the others are fantastic strikes but his was a fantastic strike after a fantastic run from halfway, outpacing the Pompey defence. Carbon copy of Owen's goal against Argentina, but on the other foot.
  8. Pat Nevin - impenetrable Scottish accent. Terry Butcher - impenetrable Essex? accent
  9. The crush just to get into the back of the riverside was frightening enough. My dad had to fight to keep me from going under. I hardly saw any of the game except when the ball was in the air, but what a night!

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