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  1. Darth Paul

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Some really magnanimous and complimentary comments by the Doncaster fans on their site. They were excellent to be fair in hosting our celebrations and I will hold always hold a soft spot for them going forward. https://www.drfc-vsc.co.uk/index.php?board=2.0 I've actually been numb since before the game and the reality of what it meant to be part of such a momentous night is only just kicking in. The massively extensive social media coverage is awesome and I wish we had this in 95 and 2001 but hey ho. This feeling right now is what football is all about and is hopefully the beginning of a new era...
  2. Darth Paul

    Songs at Ewood

    Here's a nice and simple one for a player who needs a song, memorable, catchy tune too, can imagine this on the terraces: (To the tune of 'Let it Be') Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambeeee Ryan is a Rover, Nyambe, Nyambe...
  3. I do. Don't think I can give you any positive news on travel but ask away...
  4. Darth Paul

    Premier League Stuff

    How would you know what contributions other have made to the cause or what work has been done behind the scenes in relation to uncovering this criminal mess? There are things going on behind the scenes at a level you will never understand and you boycotting games and abusing fans outside Ewood who won't listen to your immature and petulant views will make no difference I promise you. The whole 'if you disagree with me you must like Venkys' argument is puerile and beyond boring. As a long time visitor and one time contributor to this site I can tell you that you belong to a small cliche of individuals that is making this board a chore to visit. You clearly have issues outside this arena and Rovers plight seems to be an outlet for your anger. You believe you are on some kind of crusade to save the club but the majority of intelligent fans who have been around around a lot longer, and care just as much (or more) think you are a joke, and this isn't just my view. For your own sake I urge you to take a look at your approach and really think about how you support your club. This isn't about whether you boycott or not. I don't agree with that approach but I can empathise. However I am not the first person you have called out on this site regarding their support and love for our great club and it just makes you look like an idiot.
  5. Darth Paul

    Premier League Stuff

    This is why this site is a million miles behind what it was ten years ago. Get back to boycotting and pretending it isn't apathy or an outlet for something else.
  6. Darth Paul


    https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/football/350828/agents-shadowy-world-is-laid-bare-by-court/ Not quite a smoking gun but it doesn't take much imagination to see how unscrupulous owners and/or agents could make a couple of quid off the books here. Makes the bizarre transfer policy a lot more understandable, perhaps some players are more willing to take part than others?
  7. Darth Paul


    I must add that all of this has been complete guesswork and as I am not a tax expert I might not be totally on the mark but I am convinced I am in the right area. The time, emotion and late nights I have put into all this behind the scenes contributed (in part) to me ending up in A and E on an ECG a few weeks ago, and I had to take a step back from this board, and any involvement in general, on doctors orders. However if I am right I will feel totally vindicated for getting myself into this state. I really hope this is the start of the recovery for the club, regardless of the 10 point deduction, as I am unconvinced anything else being attempted by the fans is going to work, despite my support for the effort.
  8. Darth Paul


    Been waiting for this to break for ages and I always felt the key to open the door to their downfall was around a term known as 'switching' used to avoid players paying tax when they change clubs. I am far from an expert but lets suppose at the last minute if the club 'switches' the tax liability from the player onto themselves via the agent, and receives an off the record kickback from the player or agent, then everyone wins...except the club of course who are out of pocket. May or may not implicate some players past and present as well as the Agency which is the common denominator in all this but it all fits perfectly. Google the Gavin McCann transfer to Bolton to see an example of this...and guess who the agent was. Couldn't get a single bit of feedback when I posted to suggest this before, but after hours of digging and following a not so well hidden trail of articles and information online this all started to make a lot of sense...anyone have a view?
  9. Darth Paul

    Nzonzi Ban- Halsey Says He Was Told To Lie

    Absolutely and I think it goes right from the bottom to the top. There is certainly an issue for the HMRC to investigate regarding our transfers and probably any of those involving Kentaro. I am paranoid about every transfer now. Kentaro have links with Dafabet. Dafabet are the kit sponsors of both Rovers and Celtic, Rovers have just transferred a player from Celtic, seemingly with no fee involved. Kentaro also have had links to the the FA and the broadcasting of England away internationals. I hope the whole thing blows up and the game collapses to be started up again from scratch. It will eventually, I am sure of that but by then Rovers will be historical, collateral damage. I would also hope the club would seek recompense from whoever is appropriate for the period NZonzi was unavailable, presuming dark internal forces aren't at work and we are in some way complicit.
  10. Darth Paul

    9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    It's the VAT man that needs to do some digging, as I suggested on this thread a couple of days ago. Look into Gavin McCann's transfer to Bolton for one. There is loads out there and it doesn't take long to find.
  11. Darth Paul

    9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    Is anyone on here au fait with corporate tax laws and the term 'switching'? I have been doing a lot of digging on the subject at hand over the past few days and a few common themes are emerging. Equally they may mean nothing so there is absolutely nothing to get excited about but would like to pick the brains of an expert if there is one on here.
  12. Darth Paul

    The Rovers Ruling

    I think this is a possible angle. The Finance Industry would be a decent analogy,individuals can pass exams and tests to work in it but are then subjected to regular audits and retests every couple of years as well as having to operate within ever evolving compliance guidelines. From what I have witnessed it almost appears harder to stay within the boundaries then fall outside them. The offshoot is an Industry that isn't perfect but works very hard to ensure its standards, members and reputation are not tarnished. Largely I would say it works well. Like all elements of our problem I believe the solution is in the quality and the type of the ammunition, the target, and the timing of the trigger being pulled. The F&PP criteria has been an approach I have been mulling over for a while now but as with all of this it needs to be executed perfectly. As well as getting all the right elements of the solution lined up, you need to factor in that we probably only get one clear shot.
  13. Darth Paul

    9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    Fair play to her, not always been convinced by our local officials but this matter does appear to be being taken seriously, as it should as its ramifications for the town extend beyond the boundaries of sport. Following my email I received an official letter from her yesterday, encouraging me to attend one of her official surgeries, as I am sure everyone else who made contact has received. It states no appointment is needed, and just to turn up so I suggest this is an open offer to us all. Feels like we genuinely have an ally here, although actions will speak louder than words.
  14. Darth Paul

    9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    Out of interest you might want to research which agency advised Shinawatra! No prizes for guessing.
  15. Darth Paul

    9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    Something else for consideration that I previously was not aware of is below (apologies if this is common knowledge as I have been out of the loop until recently) 'Kentaro also has a deal with the FA until 2012 for many of the international TV rights for the England national team, the FA Cup and the Community Shield' Is it possible this may have been a conflict of interest or an influence on the FA decision to state there was nothing wrong with the takeover? Also been looking into the disqualifying criteria in the F&P persons test for club ownership. Woefully inadequate for this day and age. At first glance at the conditions it looks like the FA would have let Jimmy Savile run a club if he so wished.

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