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  1. Have to find new lyrics now then eh? "Cheer up Claudio Ranieri, oh what can it mean" doesn't have the same ring to it does it?
  2. True, but we shouldn't have released him anyway IMO! (if we have done it) He's a good Premiership player who we COULD get some money for..
  3. It's rumoured that Birmingham is gunning for him, with their new scout Christophe something.... ?
  4. Rivaldo should never have left Barcelona, after that it's gone only one way with the former worldclass player. But maybe would a move to Bolton be a good thing, Big Sam seems to have a good relationships with his primadonnas. I'm sure money is the major factor here, Rivaldo hasn't looked for much else the last few years... but a move to the Premiership is probably also quite tempting, most players wants to try it before they hang up their boots - and the biggest clubs aren't interested in him anymore. My thoughts; this could really go two ways - like Jardel (gone to Ancona with Ciccio and DINOsaur) or like Djorkaeff/Jay-Jay. The latter will probably be on his way in the summer then, 'cause they surely can't afford having both.
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