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  1. In-form and hungry he'd be handy for anyone. Brilliant player, too bad he's never where he should be physically and mentally. Good business by Rovers in the end. 52 goals in 142 matches for Rovers, that should make him the most prolific goalscorer we've had since Shearer, no? I think Cole managed about the same goals to games ratio, but with fewer games, and Bellamy obviously only played the one season.
  2. Danko Jones seems to have gone back to playing rock'n roll on his upcoming album "Below the belt".. a half-decent song out now, Full of regret. Iggy and the (remaining of) Stooges - original cast - on tour this summer.. looking forward.
  3. Benni isn't a very good striker without support from a second striker - or ideally a quality midfielder or two aswell - and we haven't been playing 4-4-2 this season due to David Dunn and a horrible defensive record. Sam's said the same thing recently, Benni isn't a lone striker and that's why he doesn't play. I think we'll see him more in November.
  4. Oslo Spektrum is an absolutely awful venue, no wonder the crowd was tame. I've seen both Dylan and Motörhead there, and both the two - favourite artists of mine - were decent, but unspectacular. Poor sound quality, terrible refreshment policies and facilities, and just overall a less than good experience. Sounds a bit like Muse, actually.....
  5. Watching Dzeko v Manure... too bad we couldn't get our hands on him, what a player!
  6. Not in Europe though.. Or? Baby, here I am, I'm the man on the scene...
  7. He's not better than Nelsen, but his performances as a bit-part player has been second to none for us. Unspectacular, but very reliable. Good luck to him, he deserves a chance to play regularly, and we need 30k (?) off the wage budget.
  8. Not sure whether this've been mentioned, but Ron Asheton was found dead the other day. Asheton was the guitarist in Iggy & The Stooges (or just the Stooges), a band playing punk rock long before Sex Pistols and the Clash. Raw Power is still one of my all time favourite albums, and Asheton was a brilliant guitarist in his genre. Rest in peace!
  9. There's a fine line between constructing set pieces and penalties by clever movement and just using gravity, and plain diving. The worst for me is the rolling after a dive (or after getting a free kick legitimately), when Eboue or Milan Baros looks like they've taken a bullet in the leg..
  10. Yeah...... Should've taken a long vacation after Appetite for Destruction, in Axl Rose's case an eternal one. Well, "Lies" was allright..
  11. Brilliant film! If someone should make an American version (why would they? it's there for anyone to see as it is!) the director should be Quentin Tarantino.
  12. 2h45min This is how long I've been trying to get AC/DC tickets. I've had them twice, only to see the ticket office system crash when I verify my VISA payment. Sold out now. Absolutely gutted!
  13. Saw Kings of Leon this summer, and enjoyed it. Which speaks volumes, I normally hate "stadium concerts". The sun and the beer helped though. But the first KoL album is actually pretty good in my opinion.
  14. Don't really have much to say about the Oasis album, which I guess illustrates what I think about it. To me, Oasis is mostly What's The Story..... and this album didn't really change my view. Motörhead + Airbourne + Witchcraft is a tempting lineup - if only they played somewhere with decent sound. Looking forward to seeing garage rock legends The Fleshtones on Saturday, they line up with two good Norwegian bands here in Oslo. Load up on guns and bring your friends
  15. Since we're on the youtube... In my opinion one of the best rock'n roll tunes you will hear, certainly from 16 year olds. GOD - My Pal
  16. Seconded. Lars Ullrich is not sane. Abbey: I look forward to the tour too, will be my first opportunity to see them live. Hopefully they will stop by Norway on their tour.. Pearl Jam will also release a new album soon, and I've promised myself to see them again (went to Prague on their last tour) - and after the Roskilde tragedy, they haven't played a lot of gigs in Scandinavia. On a side note, Eddie Vedder's "Into The Wild" (soundtrack) is a quality release.
  17. Listened through the new Metallica album a few times more now, and I like it. I've never been a major fan of progressive, 10 minute tracks, which Metallica sticks to - but I guess you have to let Iggy be Iggy and Metallica be Metallica. Anyway, The End Of The Line is one of the better songs I've heard in quite some time - and the album in full is well worth the money.
  18. Not that I've downloaded it or anything. Fans of Metallica should check out a band called Volbeat by the way, a Danish band who I believe has opened for them a few times. Similar to Metallica with a characteristic vocals and heavy background sound -> recommended!
  19. Looks staged if you ask me. The Metallica album sounds good, I think you'll like it if you are into their other stuff. But as I said, surprising sound quality,
  20. Heard "Cyanide" on the radio yesterday, sounds like another good tune from Metallica, but I don't know for sure. The sound quality was awful, and not in a garage'y filthy good way, just "do we have to change the frequency"? Usually Metallica generates a bit too much t-shirts and wristbands for my liking, but I am planning on seeing them on tour soon. Would prefer AC/DC though, what a band!
  21. Sold out. www.wheretheactionis.se though, a nice day out for rock'n roll lovers.
  22. I really like some of their stuff, and live they are brilliant. Still feel they're a bit erratic at times on CD though, they have one or two really good songs, then a few really average. Haven't heard S&B though, but a live best-of album should fit them well.
  23. Nothing new there, however Coldplay is painfully boring. If you're gonna be all melancholic, then at least make it a bit interesting, like Placebo. What's Chris Martin got to complain about anyway? It's James Blunt with a backing band. Off to see Nine Pound Hammer on Thursday, two hours of hillbilly rock. Nice!
  24. Yes, Mourinho is a good manager. He also got a good season out of Duff, who was arguably their most dangerous player for a while, before Abrahamovic started orchestrating signings and Duff was pushed down the ladder (somewhat undeservedly in my opinion at the time). Things went sour from then on. (Signing for Newcastle being the obvious point of no return) Hughes will do the right thing, I hope bringing Duff back is a possibility and something Hughes would want, because nothing would be better than seeing a fully fit Duff in a blue and white shirt again.
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