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  1. Nice to see him do so well, though on another level than what is needed to succeed at Blackburn. Promotion is within sight, then?
  2. A bit off-topic there, Charlie As for 50 Cent's post, my first reaction is; why shoot our midfielders for having the same bad patch as our non-punished attackers? A little argumentation for why Lance Davids is @#/? might also be in order..
  3. I think he's bound to improve soon, a goal will do the trick. Sunderland is as good a game to do it as any. As I said on the match thread, his lack of confidence is easy to spot, and affects everything he does.
  4. The best way to forget Morten Gamst Pedersen's mediocre season; youtube.com. I remember a few crackers in his first real season, but I really couldn't remember all of them.
  5. Then we get fined for poor discipline, and you remember..
  6. So you've basically mentioned all the "indie"-albums released this year then? To your credit though, you've managed to order them, I probably wouldn't. I think my album of the year (since this is supposed to be year 2007 releases only?) might be Clutch: From Beale Street to Oblivion. I'm not really good at buying new albums though, in my ears the best music were made long ago, and everything after seems a bit, I don't know, inferior? Enjoying the "Mothership"-release from Led Zeppelin, but I guess best of albums are cheating in this contest? To comment on your list (since I didn't manage to make one on my own), am I the only one not seeing what Arcade Fire brings to the music scene? As for the Arctic Monkeys album, it didn't give me as much as the 1st (which was brilliant!). That Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-album is decent though.
  7. YES! Another Roky Erickson and the Explosives-gig tonight. Merry Christmas!
  8. Sounds like a wind-up if you ask me. And either way it won't matter, Blackburn has the final say in any bid.
  9. And there's nothing called "I think he's fat". Either he is, or he isn't. For the record, he isn't. He might be better in central midfield though.. As for Gamst Pedersen's attitude, I don't think you'll be able to find many players with a better one to be honest. He's not in form at the moment, but it's not due to him having his head up his ###, I'm guessing he will come good again soon.
  10. No need to apologize, that's great news you're providing
  11. That's just plain untrue. I remember translating an interview for the Norwegian supporters club BRSCN, where Benni talked about Blackburn as the club who wanted him the most, and at 29 he no longer had the ambitions of signing for one of the big clubs. That quote changed when Mourinho needed a striker, but initially he actually said the direct opposite of what you're saying. How do you know this by the way, Daren?
  12. Jay is telling his story (again) He must be really upset about his behaviour earlier, too bad he didn't understand that at the time, we might've had a home grown first-class defender on our hands.
  13. Yep, they played Rosalie. Killed by Death another favourite, too bad I missed out on No Class due to exaggerated security at the door though.. Not sure what they played the first fifteen minutes, but they finished it off with Whorehouse Blues, Ace of Spades and Overkill..
  14. Just got home from Motörhead, ears ringing. Good stuff..
  15. A nice roundup of our loaned players' results on the official site now, very conveniant! 1. Will you make this a weekly thing, Lee? 2. Gally's the only player not impressing, even though all the teams (except Hodge's Millwall) lost? Are they really that good, or is it biased?
  16. Here's the goal btw Too bad Bosnia B had nothing to trouble Turkey.. Then again, we've lost this Euro place by ourselves, much like England.
  17. The Bloody Hollies, what a band. Unfortunately not British though, so probably not popular around here.. ehmm..
  18. He's not really that hard to interpret, is he? If Robbie bends over, he's willing to put him on the bench for the next game. "Sometimes it's good to have an experienced player on the bench, I'm speaking in general here". What a wnker.
  19. Anyone with a link to that lovely detail from Benni then? Nothing on RoversWorld.
  20. "If only I can stop these noises in my head I will be happy".. I know what you mean. Electro shock treatment will do that to you... But he's still a magnificent musician, his solo material is amazing. I saw him at Roskilde Festival in July, and in Oslo in August, and he was a remarkably better performer on stage - just from those two months of touring. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to seeing him in December here again. (he seems to have taken his Scandinavian fan base to his heart)
  21. Exciting stuff, too bad there's no chance of getting a ticket. In the meantime, I'm listening a lot to Jethro Tull's Aqualung album lately, does anyone know what other albums I should buy? Roky Erickson The Cynics Baby Woodrose Flaming Sideburns Fu Manchu plus various Norwegian gigs from now till Christmas. Happy days!
  22. Matty should get the nod on Wednesday in my opinion, alongside Roque. We need his enthusiasm upfront at the moment, and there's nothing wrong in letting McCarthy on from the bench after an hours play either.
  23. Allright then, a new poll: Should Dunny Have Come Home Earlier?
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