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  1. Does it matter, really? For the record, he was German. Fourth official was Chris Foy. Beat me to it, t4e, my plan was to answer AggyBlue's post, not yours.
  2. Who scored? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Really sorry Derbyshire couldn't play in this..
  3. Depending on the wages I guess. He's good enough to cover if injuries occur, but he's no longer a first choice defender in my opinion. I would absolutely love to see us sign a younger defender (Dawson, Ryan Taylor, Lescott, Curtis Davies etc.) from wherever, but I obviously understand they're not easy to get a hold of, especially not as squad players. I'm ranting a bit here, forgetting about the young Samba. He'll probably come good as soon as he builds up physically
  4. Looks like Garner played 90 minutes for Carlisle, who took their 7th point in three matches with a 2-1 win against Doncaster.
  5. I would think that Tugay is working as hard as anyone to keep himself fit, to "take care of his body", as people like to put it when it comes to ageing players.
  6. Todd-fellators? Perhaps with the exception of Jan (who has sturdy looks as first choice quality), no one here has ever been especially defendant of Todd. You're entitled to have an opinion, and you're entitled to tell us what you think, but we are too - and most of us want Todd to stay, especially with Ooijer injured. So get over it.
  7. Was about to mention that, what the hell was he thinking?? Some genius wrote "I'm willing to take on any team with Titus Bramble in it" on this board a few years back, I might be willing to say the same thing about Christian Dailly.
  8. 1-0 win for Carlisle, with Joe Garner playing almost the full ninety minutes. Carlisle official match report
  9. Who's he again? Small, white bloke with big ears? Will be good to have him back regardless.
  10. Thanks Abbey, I was thinking divisionwise though ..
  11. Another 0-0 match for Carlisle. I really hope we can keep this thread alive, to get an insight on how Garner performs down there.
  12. I highly doubt that. There's no room for that in the game, and I'm sure all the players know that. As for you two, are you married?
  13. For someone who's just gotten one of their most important players injured with a legbreak, you lot seem awfully amused by an injury. He was loyal to us for 5 good years, then felt he needed a new challenge. Doesn't really matter to me where he left, the result is still the same - no Lucas Neill playing for Blackburn Rovers. So get a grip folks, I too enjoy West Ham losing, but I'll never enjoy an injury to a player, and at least not to an ex-Rover.
  14. Sounds like they share the same view on music piracy too Looks like Pearl Jam will tour again this summer (Wembley, London for you lot) and plenty of nice places like Katovice, Lisbon, Madrid and Copenhagen. Unfortunately, they play in Copenhagen a week before Roskilde festival, and the boat over there has already been booked. If not, it would've been the perfect warmup.. Anyway, I'm thinking a trip to Lisbon in June would be nice, if I have sufficient funds at the time.
  15. It's arrogant, but their point is valid. They just lost a player to a side in the relegation scrap, as a team playing in the Champions League they were bound to make a big deal out of it.
  16. From the Renegades album, their version of Maggie's Farm I thought was excellent. Sorry, Ozzie, but this is huge stuff
  17. Perhaps. I don't see any proof they are planning on writing new stuff in that story anyway, as far as I can see it's one gig only - yet? Has de la Rocha done anything the last few years, musically?
  18. Khizanishvili? Out of the eleven finishing the match against Watford, I guess Mokoena (lack of talent excepted) or Zura were the only real candidates. I mean, seriously, Emerton? Bentley, Ped, Gallagher? McEveley?
  19. Anyone heard that Beyoncè song, Irreplaceable??
  20. The Sting was shown here on Saturday, haven't seen that in years. Robert Redford and Paul Newman are a deadly duo. (nearly as good as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) "Ya falla'?" And yesterday they showed Catch me if you can, quite spectacular story aswell.
  21. Like Gamst, Emerton and was it Savage was seen in Amsterdam? I'm sure Matteo is in that 25 man squad too by the way.
  22. Jon Stewart Jon Stewart vs Crossfire : 10-0. I don't really think these people were expecting actual intelligence, JS is just peeing all over them. Wow, I wouldn't wanna eat with you. - No, and you won't. Nothing like a good old scramble,
  23. I fricking hate Liverpool, I'm glad they didn't get him in the end..
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