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  1. I remember the letter aswell, it was published in the newspaper..
  2. I agree, though we don't have a lot of them.. 2 or more goal matches, that is.
  3. You've got to hand it to the man though, not every decent Premiership player get a 78 page thread when they sign for someone.
  4. 7:25 - 8:00 THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES Did you see them? Will have to rediscover the Roskilde Festival Thread soon, there's some truly amazing rock acts this year. The legendary Neil Young is one, and The Hellacopters, Clutch, Judas Priest, Gossip and Black Mountain others. I'm also looking forward to seeing Grinderman, Nick Cave's presence should be enough - and playing garage rock won't do any harm either. Oh, and Radiohead..
  5. Surprised to see that, along with Bentley probably the most exciting youngster coming through. But if he's right side only (?) Beckham took his place, I guess.
  6. Dire football from England. Don't really blame Capello though, he's put a team together in a formation likely to be played away to France. But when you let Anelka run like that, defensive control elsewhere doesn't do it. Bentley on in the 2nd half, please. Where's Ashley Young, by the way?
  7. I knew it. On a brighter note, McCarthy headed home from a Surprise cross. (no pun needed!)
  8. Benni scored the 2nd goal in S.A's 3-0 win over Roque's Paraguay.
  9. Been planning on seeing them live for a while, even though I'm not their biggest fan. I'm sure they put on quite the show.. Best news this year though, The Sonics will be playing at Øyafestivalen in Oslo. Roky Erickson played there last year, and now this.. Legends!
  10. Judas Priest announced for Roskilde Festival 08. Liking it! And even bigger, Neil Young will be playing.. + Clutch and Radiohead. And we've not even seen half the setlist yet! Yay!
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing another right-footed belter either.
  12. Captain Beefheart is great. Just another example of how the best music was made 30+ years ago..
  13. Let's not lose our heads here, we'll be calling for Matteo to dominate our midfield soon. Is Peter definitely injured, by the way? I miss enthusiasm, at least he had that.
  14. Koumas with a third and his second, terrible defending. I can see why Hughes would want Koumas though, he's been very good.
  15. He's done okay from what I've seen, in a reserve team not playing particularly well. Losing against Wales though, Koumas scoring one of the goals and creating some trouble for us.
  16. Seems to be a lot of poor defending, but if you do want attacking football and not the dire "play to win" tactics, the ANC certainly isn't a joke. It's also a big deal for a lot of the African countries, so branding the tournament as a joke is actually quite arrogant.
  17. If we can't break them down going through the middle, Bentley and Pedersen needs to be our main men - with Emerton and Warnock filling in from behind to create two on ones. Reid and Dunn are both decent players, but they haven't got the passing ability of Tugay - both of them are runners not passers to be honest. Our one-touch play has been brilliant at times though, and as I said, with Bentley in particular, we just need to get him into decent positions and trust Santa Cruz + partner to convert.
  18. He's been playing upfront every time the last few months though.
  19. Fantastic news, we couldn't do any better. Not a single complaint, clearly good enough in central defence, still at a good age. Keep it up, Zura!
  20. He probably would if he was still a footballer. Being on TV constantly talking though, is a different thing altogether.
  21. That last sentence is spot on, we've shown this earlier in the season. A solid player in midfield who can play all the time and perhaps another player either in one of the side positions or upfront, and I think we can be found climbing again.
  22. Nice, but you're a line short unfortunately.
  23. No point in going with five at the back, that won't make it any easier. Our players aren't used to playing five back there, it will be even harder than being five in midfield too, which we struggled to cope with. Our problem is people not doing their job, not lack of numbers anyway.
  24. True. But with limited funds at the moment, and Pedersen slowly finding his feet again, it's not first priority at the moment methinks.
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