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  1. I meant to say kings of rock and roll anno 2007, on the road or in the studio as we speak. Which means no Beatles, no Doors, no Led Zeppelin and no Elvis. Incidentally, on Thursday I believe it's 30 years since he died. As for the Strokes, sure they changed what bands were on the hit lists at that time, but changed music?? Doesn't matter, I guess I just object to the fact that The Strokes has released one of the top 50 albums ever, with about twenty of my favourite bands no where near the list simply because they are underground favourites.
  2. Then again, there's plenty of real bands around playing the same type of music, and has done for years. The Strokes might've changed how the men in suits approached new bands, but if you're making a list of albums changing music in general, they don't deserve a thought in my opinion. But I'm biased in this, so won't bother to debate further. The Rolling Stones are still kings of rock'n'roll.
  3. Just watched "The Last King of Scotland", finally, and I got to say, a brilliant film. But I find it strange that a film (or rather a book?) based on the history of Uganda and Idi Amin can just invent a person like the Scottish doctor whose name escapes me. (Garrison?)
  4. Hardly anything to put on your CV though, is it? The Strokes isn't all that bad, and I quite enjoy the "Is this it"-album, for a month or two anyway. But they didn't change the music enough to earn a place on that list in my opinion, just because some executive pr1ck decided to gather a bunch of goodlooking, halfdecent musicians and hype them like the next Beatles.
  5. Just reread the first post in this thread, finding The Strokes "Is this it" amongst the top 50 albums ever ? What's next, Linkin Park? And yes, I am bored to death.
  6. That's bound to change at some point, if they keep their performances to the same levels as last season. Especially Bentley, who is in my opinion the 2nd best right midfielder in the Premiership, only second to Ronaldo.
  7. Øyafestivalen 2007 coming up, with Tool, Roky Erickson and the Explosives (yay!), Nine Inch Nails, Primal Scream and a host of the best bands in Norway playing. It'll be party from Tuesday till Saturday, with a small break to see The Rolling Stones on the Wednesday. It will most likely set back any plans of going over for the first game of the season too, financially speaking.. but I guess some sacrifices must be made. Looking forward to it anyway.
  8. Do you have a link to that Telegraph article?
  9. Haven't seen Die Hard 4.0 yet, settled for good old Peter Sellars tonight. Dr. Strangelove, what a classic! Mein Führer, I can walk!!
  10. I believe we signed Todd for £600k? A great signing and one of the best contributors to Blackburn Rovers under Graeme Souness. Thank you and good luck, Andy! I think Derby has completed a very good signing!
  11. Lars Bohinen has left Vålerenga and joined Stabæk in a similar role. (besserwisser)
  12. Who cares about his attitude, I want a striker who scores 20+ every season, not a son in law.
  13. Thought the last one was awful. Are they on the right track again? Only two weeks away from Roky Erickson and the Explosives. YES!
  14. My favourite site for highlights has a decent little article on the matter. Nothing new, just thought I'd mention it anyway, I was kinda surprised as I was expecting a total bashing when I first saw the headline. A nice little link to Bentley's goal against Salzburg aswell, worth the look alone to be honest. 101greatgoals.com
  15. Besides, they're wrong and we're right! Don't see the problem, Alan's newsstory is based on facts and shows sources which confirms the quotes.
  16. Sav: How can a modern day manager, in this day and age, not have a mobile phone? James: Why should he? And even better.. "So now we know why you let him on the radio, to have a pop at me so you all could join in. Well, carry on guys. Go on then, have a pop at me!" He just loses the plot completely doesn't he? Messageboard Gold material, easily!
  17. Not a bad move by Blackburn, collecting ten times the amount paid in pure profit
  18. Let's not hope FIFA makes this another 'matter of principle'. Fines, domestic bans anyone?
  19. A bit contradictory to the quote from earlier in the season, where he says that at 29, you don't have that ambition to go to Arsenal or Chelsea or Manchester United, like when you're 21. Not loving this.
  20. Clutch in concert tonight here in Oslo, anyone seen them ? I noticed they were warming up for Motörhead in your fair land somewhere.
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