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  1. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-website-launch-ifollow-20696519 best change of the summer so far
  2. I think he managed a handful of games for Middlesbrough in the premiership
  3. It's Nixon so take it with a pinch of salt but if it's true then Pears truly has been a pointless, jobs for the boys signing. No doubt our new number two will be another Teeside waster.
  4. I wonder if we'll have to stump up some cash to Forrest if Brereton gets some international caps for Chile
  5. Rumour has it, and it is just a rumour, that we've triggered the extension to get a transfer fee.
  6. Rothwell's drawback is his end product so it was more than a little bit jarring to here Mowbray slating him interview after interview for his work effort and his tracking back which I think is superb.
  7. Very true, we'll get somebody but with Tony still here we won't go anywhere sadly, even if our new striker is Mbappe
  8. Absolutely but I still reckon without Armstrong we'd have been battling to stay up on the final day this season. I guess it was Mowbray who brought Dack and Armstrong in but he is also responsible for all wasting money on Gallaher and Brereton as well as completely mishandling all the other players and sending teams out with no identity. I really hope he's going soon but I fear the next manager will have a uphill battle to et us in to play-off contention without Armstrong.
  9. Before Dack got injured I remember talking to some fans who thought he wasn't up to the championship level. That was rubbish and since he was injured I do think we've missed him as a creative outlet in the centre. His loss was only softened by the fact Armstrong stepped up to the crease and yet some fans seem convinced he's a liability because he's a bit greedy but who is he meant to pass it to? Gallagher, Brereton? I think some fans can be a tad bit ungrateful to our players when they are clearly the difference between midtable and relegation which is where we'd be without Armstrong imo
  10. The way I see it we'll need a new winger to replace Elliot, another centre-half again to compensate for the flaky legs of our current ones, new central midfielders, a new right-back depending on Nyambe and JRC's contracts and probably a new striker although I'd like to see someone step up in that position.
  11. #Rovers are delighted to confirm the arrival of rising star Taylor Harwood-Bellis on loan from Manchester City until the end of the season.
  12. I think people on here have failed to grasp that the point of the loan back wasn't that Pickering 'wasn't ready for the championship' but that Crewe didn't want to lose a key player mid-season. If we didn't agree to the loan back there would have been no transfer and we'd have to risk losing him in the summer.
  13. Apparently more loans for youth players are on the way. Thomson and Magloire going and Tom White coming back. Edit: Jack Vale may be loaned too!
  14. Happy to have this one confirmed, thought we'd lost him earlier in the window.
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