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  1. Exciting times when our 5th choice goalkeeper signing a new deal and moving out on loan is the only newsworthy business to report isn't it...
  2. Appreciate the sentiment of us being slow to move in the market but I wouldn't go near either of those two...
  3. I'd take him on a free for sure. Don't think the fact a few rovers players follow him on social media means much though. He'll have played with Johnson at Leeds for a start.
  4. Pompey friend of mine said the same. Need to avoid him, especially given they'll want upwards of a million that we don't have for him.
  5. I'd take that more as him being facetious and Mowbray having control over pretty much everything at the club. I'd prefer your take of course...
  6. Here's to hoping nothing comes up for him in the summer and he comes crawling back
  7. Must have poached him from "FootballLeagueWorld.co.uk" or another of those god awful news/views regurgitating websites
  8. The lads articles don't read particularly well for me. It's written like someone who has stumbled into journalism and has a thesaurus by his side for the entirety of his articles and still chooses the wrong words. Is merit even fitting grammatically? Credit perhaps. Not that TM deserves any for his absolutely tragic management last season.
  9. Would like to believe that. To me it reads like a man very comfortable in the knowledge that he's lowered the expectations of the owners massively. I think he probably believes in his deluded/senile old brain that the majority of the supporters back this attitude too. Oh how he'll find out how wrong he is when we inevitably go 1 down to a newly promoted/bang average team in the first game back at Ewood.
  10. Is Lenihan really worth a new contract? We've been terrible defensively for the last 3 seasons and he's been the main constant in said defence. Apart from protecting an asset that could draw a couple of million at the most, I'm largely uninspired with the idea of him hanging around on another long term contract
  11. The fact that I felt completely unmoved by a 5-2 win yesterday shows just how much damage Mowbray has done this season. I imagine many others felt the same. I fear the season ticket sales for next season will make for tragic reading
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