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  1. Mowbray trolling us all with that interview. He's going nowhere, the sneaky bugger
  2. Oh we've struggled because of injuries and covid, have you not heard we're the only club in the Championship with those issues. We'd be top six otherwise, the manager is sure of it.
  3. We're not getting mauled at the moment, we're just shite. But half of our problem at the moment is it's a relatively young squad and has little know how, whether that's from the manager or their own experiences of how to tackle games. It's partly why we keep losing by the odd goal. I appreciate the notion about the young players, Wharton surprised me with how he played (after a dodgy substitute appearance against Watford), but Carter looked well out of his depth at the end of last season. JRC jury still out, Dolan burst onto the scene but largely ineffective since his goal against P
  4. Basically an u23s team with a couple of older players sprinkled in. They'd get mauled.
  5. Looks like Travis when Mowbray is telling him it's his fault we're losing all these games
  6. Agreed. There's not a single player in there that you could see bollocking his team mates and dragging them up by the scruff of the neck to win crucial games. Too nice, no backbone
  7. I can see that 11 points being eaten up pretty rapidly after the next few games of 0 points. Appreciate the stability Mowbray brought to the club with the promotion and behind the scenes work, so I get where you are coming from there, but our performances have been wretched for the last year and a half asides from a month or two at the beginning of this season. I don't see how he deserves more time with it
  8. I dare say we are on the cusp of a relegation battle as it is. And if we get fully entrenched into one then I really do fear for us as after watching that 2nd half yesterday, I don't think we'd have the fight in us to survive.
  9. Unfortunately I fear we might be toast in terms of relegation by the time Mowbray does one
  10. Yeah the Hughes talk baffles me. Just last week there were loads of his former QPR players coming out slating him for his attitude and demeanour towards them, hardly what a young team like ours needs. And he didn't pull up many trees while at QPR in terms of performance on the pitch, scraped survival and got sacked not long into the following season. And don't even get me started on the likes of Sven and Gordan Strachan, I'd rather keep Mowbray and I really don't want him here anymore
  11. Given the upcoming fixtures, if we don't beat Coventry and don't remove the manager, I think we're going down
  12. It's a nonsense rumour I imagine so not much point speculating
  13. It's never the particularly eloquent who get through is it...?
  14. It's absolutely astonishing to read this. Everyone else who watched that game surely cannot agree with him. Missed penalty and Armstrong's shot from distance aside what else did we create??? I genuinely can't remember anything else, besides Bell getting into promising positions down the left about 3 times and it going tits up on each occasion. He's losing supporters in droves by the week.
  15. I would argue that 2-4-5 record is pretty bad. Probably not far off Mowbrays record for the last 11 games and most of us want him gone. The suggestion of Tugay is a bit daft, anyone following the guy on social media would see he's clearly living a life of luxury and wouldn't have the discipline to be a successful manager (who can blame him). Get away from these romanticised notions of former players coming in. It rarely works. Lampard at Chelsea the most recent example. Equally suggestions of Hughes are odd, not done well anywhere really in the last 5-10 years. Progressive managers a
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