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  1. Agreed. I never expect goals anyway when we have the £12 million cows arse banjo express on the pitch. Their collective output should be enough for a sacking as it is.
  2. With a normal club I'd be okay with this as I'd assume they were taking their time in order to source an immediate, high quality replacement. In this case however, I just assume that when/if they do sack him it will be a decision that no-one else at the club knows about and we'll end up with Paul Jewell in charge
  3. When Neil got sacked by Preston the other week there were media reports of it happening the day before, not a whiff of that about Mowbray at the moment. Would love it to be that he gets sacked, can't see it unfortunately
  4. Slight concerns about Wilder's lack of a plan B, but from the options available I'd say he'd be a good fit. Weren't we in for him before he went to Sheffield United? Surely must be still on the radar if so.
  5. I've thought that a few times about games recently, as it has tended to be the Mowbray way of plucking a result out of nowhere when most needed, only to be proved wrong. Feel like it's gone beyond that now, I'm fully expecting a limp 2 or 3 goal defeat and some of the teams below us picking up wins to make that international break even more uncomfortable.
  6. Mowbray trolling us all with that interview. He's going nowhere, the sneaky bugger
  7. Oh we've struggled because of injuries and covid, have you not heard we're the only club in the Championship with those issues. We'd be top six otherwise, the manager is sure of it.
  8. We're not getting mauled at the moment, we're just shite. But half of our problem at the moment is it's a relatively young squad and has little know how, whether that's from the manager or their own experiences of how to tackle games. It's partly why we keep losing by the odd goal. I appreciate the notion about the young players, Wharton surprised me with how he played (after a dodgy substitute appearance against Watford), but Carter looked well out of his depth at the end of last season. JRC jury still out, Dolan burst onto the scene but largely ineffective since his goal against P
  9. Basically an u23s team with a couple of older players sprinkled in. They'd get mauled.
  10. Looks like Travis when Mowbray is telling him it's his fault we're losing all these games
  11. Agreed. There's not a single player in there that you could see bollocking his team mates and dragging them up by the scruff of the neck to win crucial games. Too nice, no backbone
  12. I can see that 11 points being eaten up pretty rapidly after the next few games of 0 points. Appreciate the stability Mowbray brought to the club with the promotion and behind the scenes work, so I get where you are coming from there, but our performances have been wretched for the last year and a half asides from a month or two at the beginning of this season. I don't see how he deserves more time with it
  13. I dare say we are on the cusp of a relegation battle as it is. And if we get fully entrenched into one then I really do fear for us as after watching that 2nd half yesterday, I don't think we'd have the fight in us to survive.
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