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  1. Terrible on Saturday for large parts of the game. I genuinely think the squad is decent so it's concerning for large parts of games we disappear. Sky were discussing how weak this years championship is and i can't disagree. Swansea aren't great and sit 2nd...OMG If anyone wants to put themselves through more pain club twitter has a free ifollow offer for a retweet.. (because i'm not paying) https://twitter.com/RoversSelect/status/1351217138581843968?s=20
  2. Has anyone played this yet? Looks pretty simple. I've had a go and gone pretty optimistic on predictions, over 4 shots, 3 goals and we'll score in both 1st and 2nd half😆 Win a signed Joe Rothwell shirt thanks to Rovers Select! - News - Blackburn Rovers
  3. We just need to get ahead in this game. First goal is crucial. Sadly if we go one behind I can't see us getting the win. With the squad we have we should be winning.
  4. I actually think the squad is okay, leadership has let us down yet we're only 5 points off the play offs. Stoke is a huge game and 3pts is a must. But I just don't feel it happening. Though there last win was boxing day against us so there not coming into this in any form
  5. I thought we looked good at Stoke last month and lost. Since then i think we've looked half the side. I felt with squad we've got we've got to be top 6. To salvage the season i think he's got to go. I've entered that Rover Select game and actually put us down not to beat our opponent or score 😪
  6. Oh i totally agree that we should be beating Luton. My only concern is that teams i put similar to us in expectation...Watford, Norwich, Bournemouth, Swansea, Middlesborough, Stoke and Brentford sit above us. I just don't want some of the clubs gaining too much ground on us.
  7. Total strange times at the moment. 5 pts from the play offs, I think Luton is a huge game. Jones has done a good job again there but we need to win. If were serious about making play offs we can't let that 5pts turn to a 10pt gap by december.
  8. Hahaha, the signing of Stuart Ripley!....at 52 he could offer us something lol
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