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  1. RIP fellow Rover! My deepest condolences to his family and friends and I hope you are able to move past this tragedy and move on with your lives, just try to remember the good times and celebrate them. I'm truly gutted to hear of this, I just went numb when I heard it, and reading his facebook page etc. has just brought everything sharply into perspective. What a terrible waste of a valuable life, a rover, a friend, a son, a husband and a Dad. Devastated for you all. 2 Mins Silence next home game please Rovers.
  2. Modern football, eh?!? Too true. Some of the up and comings are going to get a wake up call on wages, I've just been watching an article on the PL and the credit crunch and like many suspected, too many are living beyond their means. The top 4 are essentially bankrupt but also bankrolled, all being seen as "Too big to go under" . Almost everyone else though, is firmly in the world of loans. I think we'll see 2 PL clubs go pop this season, probably as they go down, so they don't have to take the points hit next year when they try to get back up (So they can do it all again) How many Championship clubs are also on the brink though? I personally think that the vast majority of us have simply had enough of their attitude, arrogance, bling and conduct, on and off the field. Some of them are just dispicable characters (And we have one of them.) And we should tell them so. We should do more of what we did at home vs. City. 1 Greedy B***ard, there's on 2 Greedy B***ards, 3 Greedy B***ards... Your All Greedy B***ards LOL
  3. Gutted! What a thoroughly nice fella, always appeared to be considerate, genuine, passionate and respectful, all this whilst being a superior coach, tactician and man manager! Was and always will be a role model to which all football managers should aspire to benchmark themselves against, no matter who they are or how long they have been in the game. Best wishes to his family and friends, which, with his popularity having a truly global reach, will be a very sizeable group indeed! The passing of a true legend. Edit: Read the Guardian Link posted above and SAF's is real testimony to a truly great man! This bit brought a smile to my face though (From Howard Wilkinson's happy memories) "At one England Under-21 gathering, I selected Shola Ameobi who was a young striker at Newcastle under him. Bobby had also bought at great expense Carl Cort, a striker from Wimbledon. "Shola had about six Christian names, most of them, to me, unpronounceable and in an attempt to put him at his ease on his debut performance, I called the lad over and asked him what Bobby called him when he was at the club. "With absolutely no sense of resentment, rather more with a sense of love and understanding, Shola said, 'Carl Cort, mostly'. Again, what a lovely fella.
  4. He's going to get ripped to shreds and the big club fans will witness him watching the game go by him until he does something petulant or get's homesick for his mumsy again, what a tart!
  5. They got outplayed and targeting someone like Puyol is a double edged sword, he's pretty experienced and no mug. Let's be honest, after 9 minutes they were totally outplayed, they didn't have the ball for 80% of the time and NO ONE showed at all. All that money and no inspiration!! Anyway, it will give them a taste of their own medicine in days gone by, and let's be honest... Both Geordies and Cockneys crying in the space of 4 days can't be all that bad can it LOL N.B. The best team won, thankyou norwegian ref.
  6. Correct, and more to the point, a fit and motivated Benni is MUCH better than an unfit and demotivated RSC who has his mind elsewhere. Benni does create far more and if Jason had Benni's boots on, on Saturday, he'd have had a hat trick as well! Have to say that Benni's technically wonderful, some of his touches were sublime, a couple of wonderful examples of killing the ball dead and running his three markers ragged spring to mind. I for one, am glad we have Benni back, we could do with someone else to help him up there, as for me Jason is still not anywhere near his class.
  7. Agreed, top bloke, heart in the right place, I wasn't for the drummers myself, but he did get the crowd going when we went quiet, sometimes in very important times & matches both for our players and club. We REALLY stepped up to the mark against Hull didn't we? The BBE was dead, the guys around us were trying to get things going, but no, lets sing about the bogs instead?! We'll have to do much better , otherwise we'll end up like most of the other libraries...
  8. Make or break for him against Chavski for me, step up to the plate Morten, he's one of many that need to presently, that's the nub of the issue, he's an easy & familiar target also as he's classed as a luxury player, so when he doesn't perform (Or the opposition do the business on him, to be fair!) it stands out.
  9. I Agree Philipl, we KNOW he can do it, he is very frustrating for all the reasons already stated in this thread, but something will click shortly and he'll be off and running again, he IS a CLASS player, anyone who says otherwise is completely bonkers, his pedigree and last season prove it! Anyway, hope he stays, plays and starts to score again, I must admit, there are not that many better sites at a rovers match than Benni on the edge of the box at the Blackburn end with defenders in his wake. Come on Benni, take a gamble!
  10. Slight difference, Ooijer was given permission, then they tried to sell him to someone else and then he dispatched Teddy. Whereas Benni has just gone straight to the dummy & teddy stage without passing go...?!! What a berk, the "Right" thing to do is to turn up, train (Like you have to anyway) get paid and then go through the normal process... Sort it out Benni, you just look like a petulant child!!!
  11. I agree, keep the guy, he can do the business, he can only get better in my view and if we have any aspirations then we're going to need a Benni, a Matt, A Fully Fit Roberts and a Nonda. 1/2 decent strikers don't grow on trees and if the guy that turned out against pompey appears more often then he'd take a princely sum to replace!
  12. Personally I think he'll stay, he looks happy enough and MH has put his faith in him, I don't think Bentley is one of those that's in it for the wrong reasons, he wants to play and likes to be appreciated, he is at our place. Also, he could get the Rovers - England curse, named in the full squad = Major injury.
  13. I've had to eat yards of humble pie this year, he's been one of our better players, in fact, until MGP got his form back he was probably the most consistant, in fact, him & Bentley on the right are dynamite. (There's a song in there somewhere)
  14. No, your thinking is flawed, the usual Engalnd sods law with dictate, we'll scab it through to the finals by some complete fluke of other results and we'll be stuck the lunatic, and the circus wheel re starts and ultimately we'll all end up being disappointed until the useless FA pick ANOTHER muppet!
  15. Mclaren scares the cack out of me, on the one hand he makes the so called "Big calls" by dropping Beckham and last night trying out Ben Foster instead of dodgy Robinson. (Didn't seem big calls to me anyway TBH) But he ducks the Lampard & Gerrard problem and inserts Carrick in a midfield role AS well !!!??? WTF? I thought Carrick, Lampard, SWP & Phil Neville were shocking last night, Carrick & Lampard were having a give the ball away competition, a pass to SWP was as good as picking it up and giving it to a spaniard and leaving Neville with at least 2/3 to mark and cover for Rio and Phil Neville was dropped for a valid reason Mclaren, HE ISN'T UP TO IT!!! (How much did they miss Hargreaves?) It only stayed 1-0 because Gary Neville bailed us out the cack several times (Sweeping up behing over rated Rio) Sorry, didn't think our frontline would scare Stanley never mind Spain, just couldn't se us scoring unless crouch mis hit one or Gerrard got one on his own... Positives: Ben Foster (Nowt he could do about the goal and isn't dodgy from long range efforts) Gary Neville (Still the best at RB but please don't limit him by inserting a muppet in front of him) Woodgate (Would prefer him & Terry TBH) Gerrard (Still class, only one who looked dangerous from Midfield) Dyer (At least he tried to get in) England have to be the most over hyped over rated team in World football, the only constant is all the trash that follow them round, press, sponsors and WAG's telling them they are brilliant.
  16. Agree with you Joey, I too was impressed with his physical presence and his speed, he also lifted the crowd and worried the pikeys (And got us the free kick that MGP slapped in (Sweet!)) so I'm made up with him coming back, and yes, Midfield is looking better, next season is already looking promising with Reidy & Savage back. Also our bench looked strong. (Been a while) Well played Dunny and welcome home.
  17. I hear that the United franchise are now grossing £2m per home game... Figures still don't look right for me, how on earth are they going to pull back that level of debt, the business plan must be taking winning the PL & CL as read !??!!
  18. Mike, in defence of pleasure it was clearly an "Addendum" to his post, I've re read it a few times and you have to take a left at the lights to read it as you did. As for the addendum itself, I actually agree with him, there are a couple of muppets on the road with us that aren't doing us any favours, it needs a few of us to put them in the rembrandt next time, I'm up for it if you are. Are they home fans also, if so where do they sit, anyone know who they are?
  19. I enjoyed the Lucash songs TBH, Just like I enjoyed the many songs @ City, Tony Parkes was one of the other memorable ones. A lot of my work mates here in Manchester are obviously City fans, they also enjoyed our songs on Saturday, they reminded me that we also sung "You put your transfer in, your transfer out..." to Joey "England Legend" Barton last time out also... Pleasures right about comparisons, the amounts some of the total wasters in that list were on was disgraceful, however, water under the bridge and all that, talking of which, Lucash should just disappear down the effluent pipe like the hefty mersey carp he really is... The dingles in disguise are welcome to him.
  20. Agree with you on Shearer, Neil is a different Category though, come from NOWHERE, this club has made him the player he is, fine, I can accept he wants CL football = Liverfool, but when he snubs them for West F***ing Ham then he's just a plain old grabber, personally, I hope they go down and I hope Benni & Co. stick a few past them when we play them at our place later this season. p.s. Well done to Hughes & Williams & Co. on this so far, they've handled this situation v. well... Bye Bye Lucash.
  21. Plan or no plan he's a lying git, he originally wanted to go for CL football (Fair Play I say, at this point) Then he's going to West Ham, that's just money, he's just like the other grabbers. I do very much object to him being skipper, it sucks.
  22. Heard this off my mates whilst I was in a v boring meeting at work, all the meeting heard was "F***ing get in there!" HAVE IT Fat Sam. Welcome home Dunny ! Get your finger out, get in the squad and let's see you do the business. EXCELLENT NEWS!
  23. Agreed PL, however, could all turn out to be faeces + windfarm if Bruce cocks it up, say Dunny wants to come back and knows they are cocking us about, he can't agree personal terms with Bolton and then we get to the night before and it's take something (Anything) from Rovers or get not one penny in January. If dunny REALLY wants to come back he won't be agreeing terms with Bolton.
  24. Got to get him in my view, well worth the risk, he can do the business and Hughsie will sort his head out, it won't be that his heart is not in it, he's blue & white all the way through! I don't won't him playing for the bung takers either, would be a nightmare! As for the detractors, look at who we have??? The cupboard is bare! Bring him home!
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