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  1. park! 2-0! looks like we're gonna retain our 5th place this week
  2. looks like its gonna end in a 1-0 win for liverpool
  3. though imo im not sure that sparky would place MGP on the bench against liverpool. btw why hasnt peters been on the bench lately? he was doing fairly well before the arsenal game.
  4. i agree.. aside from set pieces, MGP has been ghostly lately. we should give emerton another chance to start on the left flank. bentley should be given a go to partner bellers.
  5. with pongo not being able to play, its either bellers and dickov/kuqi partnership an out of form dickov or a clumsy kuqi? decisions decisions.
  6. we did not deserve a point from the wigan match nor did we deserve a point today. so that is the bright side i guess. 2 points out of 2 horrible performances.
  7. same here. as much as i want to, i just do not see that happening.
  8. another disappointing performance for rovers once more. what is up with our midfield??? they have been out of it for a couple of games now. you have to admit, in terms of attack, we were a one man team. bellers with 2 fantastic goals. but why on earth wasnt dickov taken off?? next up, liverpool. not looking forward to that match with the way rovers are performing recently.
  9. 2-1. city pulled one back. the way city has been playin i'd b happy with a draw.
  10. to be fair spurs should be more than one goal up at halftime.
  11. rovers do seem to perform better when we count them out. my head tells me we'll lose but my heart tells me we'll win.
  12. i couldnt have said it better myself. ok, the guy has zero abilities with his feet but like exiled in toronto has jus said, he tends to come up big in crunch time. kuqi changed the game once he came on, givin a differnet dimension in attack for rovers. he might not be good enough to start but, as a sub he does give us a different opition in attack.
  13. another massive game for rovers. we need all three points if we are going to realize our CL dreams which i still think its a possibility. however in the last two games, rovers have been awful to say the least. playing awful but thankfully getting 4 points out of it. not sure if i can expect too much out of this game. pompey has been pretty good recently and they are playing at home. i'm going for a 1-1 draw. sinama and tugay back in, dickov and bentley back on the bench. and what is up with bentley? he has practically been MIA since the man utd game.
  14. alrite bolton lost. i'm so glad we didnt drop all 3 points against wigan. get the feeling its more valuable then we thought it would. with bolton slipping up losing 3 in a row now, and spurs starting to lose a bit of form and a difficult end of season, the season is in our hands and so too is that fourth place IF we regain our form and start to play better. the man utd, arse game is goin to be huge. man utd did us a favour by beating bolton last week, hope they do it again this week against arsenal. i know the gunners are red hot right now but, you have the remember theyve been winning mainly at home. the last away win was against inconsistent fulhum which was in early march and to top it off, rovers have a slightly better away record than arsenal. but it all boils down to us. we absolutely must win this weekend at pomey. lets go rovers!
  15. he certainly played better than dickov today
  16. cmon rovers!! at this rate a draw will be a good result
  17. agree. hope things change in the second half
  18. wow.. espn must really like us now-a-days. that's pretty amazing and glad to hear it. times are really good man.
  19. given wigan's good away form, get the feeling its gonna be a nerve-racking game. i cant wait for the game to start.
  20. ok, if in fact democracy seems to be working by banning smoking, one must remember that it comes with a price. as eddie has mentioned 'Smokers of course have more rights than me' very well if you wanna talk about rights... correct me if im wrong but now cos of the ban, non smokers have more rights than smokers, do they not? though it can be depressing to speak up for those idiots out there who smoke in crowded areas, in front of kids and the elderly, but why not just have a couple of smoking areas here and there for smokers to puff their lives away?
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