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  1. wired to the soccernet's gamecast cos they aint showing the game on tv here by the way why isnt todd playin?
  2. fortunately no one is in critical condition and everyone is alright.
  3. a much better performance by rovers this weekend earning 2-0 win over boro
  4. we didnt play well but at the end of the day, the scoreline is the most important thing. 5th place here we come again!
  5. phew.... wonderful save by nelson. cldve been 2 nill down
  6. our defence looks a tad suspicious early on...
  7. game starting soon... important match. We need the 3 points especially after bolton's win. lets go rovers!!
  8. still 3-0 things arent looking good looks like all 3 points to WH
  9. draw... lets hope its not the same result for the chelsea spurs game
  10. approximately 6hrs before the match and here you are still throwin smart alec remarks at fans back and forth. i applaud you
  11. Rovers 3 Villa 1 hopefully we wont let the 3 points slip. cmon rovers!!
  12. cmon man does it really matter how many posts you post up, or how many supporter's board you post, or how many games you have been to, how many jerseys and blackburn undies youve got?? hell, if i could i'd buy some rovers boxers myself but unfortunately there is hardly any rovers merchandise here in singapore. look, ive just started supporting rovers a couple of years back and i know i might not be as knowledgeable bout rovers' history as you or is ABLE to attend as many games as you but let me ask you one thing... how many rovers game would you be attending if you were living in asia? or better yet. would you even be supporting blackburn living in a country thats dominated by the reds (liverpool & man utd) fan? do not get me wrong, in no way shape or form am i doubting how great of a fan you are. its great to know that there are people like you who do turn up for as many games as you do. i just feel that you ought to give more credit to the foreign rovers fans.
  13. must you make it a point to argue with fellow rovers fans or does it make you feel all high and mighty?
  14. ha. pretty silly if you ask me. we are all rovers fan. and thats all that matter.
  15. wait.. let me get this straight. so what youre sayin is that only those who actually turn up for the games are considered real BRFC fans? and that foreign fans such as myself who DO wanna turn up for the games but unfortunately cannot, are not true fans??
  16. good performance by rovers. sldve at least gotten a draw...
  17. wow. thats one heck of a review... props to you bob
  18. 4th!! that would be a dream come true but to be more realistic.... 6th. cant see us finishing past chelsea, liverpool, man utd, spurs, and bolton.
  19. just keep having this gut feeling that rovers are gonna lose this one 1-0 spurs cmon rovers prove me wrong
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