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  1. it'd be great if savage scores the winning goal. high time he scored. he deserves it
  2. roversmum, i reckon just stick to the morning run. ciggs aint somethin that should be picked up in the 1st place. one of my friend suffered some lung problems and had to quit period. another one of my friend cannot drink at all anymore, due to excessive drinking, resulting in damaged liver. well the thing is that both of them are still in their early 20s. in terms of damage, both are equally harmful. so why ban one but not the other? i presume at this rate, after a complete ban on smoking, drinking will be next.
  3. well... sad to say, sorta havta to agree wif you roversmum. most smokers started out that way however my reasons are my own which i aint gonna share wif strangers online, im sure you'll understand. anyways what people like me, american, and SouthAussieRover are tryin to say is ban smoking then what's next? there are other dangerous stuff in the world which should be equally banned as well aint it?
  4. monday's game is huge! if we win we're still in the CL hunt. If we lose we can say bye bye to it considering the fact that like royrover has said, the next three games after the wigan match are crucial. Liverpool and portsmouth both on form, and lets not forget chelsea is still chelsea. lets hope their form stays poor when they come to ewood.
  5. i guess a smoker's rights has to be taken away for the better of the society? not an easy issue to discuss. the rights of smokers and non smokers will forever be clashing against one another. in the idiotic words of george bush, 'youre either with us or against us' or in this case, either totally ban smoking or let it continue.
  6. so its fair to non smokers to completely ban smokin at pubs? mm... do you think that the ban will hurt pubs in the long run?
  7. ha ok, i for one do not ###### inside a pool no matter how urgent it may be. mayb the govt should have set up some non-smoking pubs to cather to both smokers and non smokers instead of banning it entirely. but hey i understand it is cheaper to ban it on the whole.
  8. it kinda seems to me that we're gonna go in circles over and over again with this issue. true, both of you guys do make a valid point. so why not just divide pubs into 2 sections for smokers and non smokers. problem solved. for me, im more concerned with what govts will restrict next and so forth.
  9. ha. they've got bolton beating liverpool and chelsea back to back and arse to lose at home to spurs which i dont think will happen seeing gunners current form. on the bright side they didnt predict us to lose any games. anyways it was a good read, welcome to site man.
  10. cmon rovers! 2 great results today. with a win against wigan we can widen the gap between us and bolton and match spurs in points. CL or not CL, a win on mon would raise our chances of playing in europe next year.
  11. the same thing is startin to happen here in singapore. slowly bit by bit ciggs prices has risen. sure its only 50cents here or a dollar more there but if you were to reverse the clock, ciggs prices have gone by more than 50% in the past few years. now no smoking at bus stops and some public areas, and just recently the govt was comtemplating banning smoking in clubs and pubs. thus im assuming it'll only be a matter of time till the same thing happens here in singapore. though its gets pretty comical once in a while when you see singaporeans getting caught smuggling in ciggs from neighbouring country malaysia due to high ciggs prices. me, myself being a smoker, i do make an effort not to smoke in the close vicinity of others in public places. however when it comes to clubs or pubs i wouldnt really think twice bout having a fag (not the american slang mind you) cos most of the crowd do smoke. anyways i'm all for banning smoking in most public places but not a complete ban. true, it wouldnt be fair to smoke at all place but saying that you are not allowed to smoke outside but its ok, by all means go home to your wife and kids and smoke. how does that make any sense? ok, so lets say we eliminate smoking all together, but wait.. what about drinking? isnt that another evil we should get rid off? and then lets impose curfew before 10 so that everyone is safe at night. while we're at it, let's all shake hands, give hugs and kisses and achieve world peace. ok smoking is deadly to health and im only hastening my death. oh wait, hold on a minute.. last time i checked, fatty food loaded with cholesterol aint good for health is it. and so is too much sweety substances. so im guessing we should ban food that is deemed highly dangerous to health as well?
  12. i agree. there is always this little thing called choice. if you dont want second hand, you do have the choice not to enter. by all means, banning it in pubic places is fine, however to ban it at pubs is a tad too extreme.
  13. ha. wow. pretty amazing stuff colin. hats off to ya anyways.. wasnt the previous meetin 3-0? cant believe how easily we beat them at the jjb. so i see no reason y we'll drop 3points at ewood. gut feelin, rovers 2-1. another mus win especially since spurs won early tis morning singapore time.
  14. poor performance. oh well.. we got the three points in the end. 5th place again. c'mon boro. lets get a win tml.
  15. i know what you mean man. i aint com savy to say the least. nice work on the excel graphs dillo dillo. race for 4th place and a place in europe is heating up. i can see both wigan and bolton winning their nxt games. i find it highly unlikely that spurs will lose to west brom but the arsenal/pompey match seems to be quite an interesting fixture. as for rovers it is crucial that we win at sunderland. we cannot afford any slip ups, like we did against west brom and everton.
  16. phew... final score rovers 3-2! what appears to be a reff blunder nearly cost us the 3 points. luckily super bellers came to our rescue
  17. would be fantastic to get into the CL. another must win game for rovers. with gunners leading 2-0 at the moment, and spurs playin the 'big club' later on, it is unlikely that both of these two clubs will drop 3 points. lets hope rovers can keep the dream alive and mantain the 2-1 lead, and get another goal or 2 to secure the 3 points today.
  18. alrite rovers back on top! pederson with the goal! sounds like an exciting match
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