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  1. But there haven't been anything on either the rovers homepage or LT ? Not from the players or Mowbray for two days now ? When is the press conference ahead of the Cardiff game ?
  2. Since I live in Norway a season ticket is not a choice for me, but iFollow is and that is a big NO if Mowbray is still around.
  3. This guy, Kasper Junker, 27 goals in 25 apperances last season. Teammate and roommate with Zinckernagel who ended up at Watford. I really enjony the goal at 3:28 mark. Price would be around 2 - 2,5 mill.
  4. If you saw the incident you will see why Østigård reacted like that.
  5. We were linked with Østigård (the player with the disallowed goal) in the summer. Shame we didn't sign him, pretty sure he would be fit and a better option than Branthwaite/Ayala.
  6. These schoolboy cb's are not making life easy for Kaminski. Good save there, but no one to follow up and clear the ball.
  7. Seems like Stergiakis is having a good game?
  8. Surely these two have to be furthest down the line in the midfield queue? When everyone is fit, will they even make the bench? Only reason I can see that Bennett possibly would be on the bench is that he can play in several positions.
  9. Actually at some point he looked better than Martin Ødegaard. Don't know what happend to him, I think he made some wrong choices career wise.
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