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  1. A win win win situation for bumley, they've got the gate money, TV money and a shot at their illustrious neighbours which they aren’t expected to win. Terrible draw for us but I guess another day out in the land that time forgot would be nice if we win. Anyone who didn't go last time should try to go this as it was an unbelievable atmosphere and one saved only for Rovers bumley games. 'What's it like to see a crowd'
  2. If this goes through its the most ambitious signing in years and the board should be applauded for finding the funds. Also how good would it be to shove another one up Birmingham Could be the difference between relegation and staying up.
  3. You can blame who the hell you want but tonight we were absolutely terrible especially upfront. Anyone who thinks bothroyd is a footballer should see the same shrink as me
  4. You make some good points but I think in this matter its clear that Ferguson and his family just cannot settle in the north west of England and want to move back to Glasgow, simple as that. I'm sure Barry himself will admit that he's not exactly set the premiership alight and with his injury to boot I feel he owes Blackburn Rovers some loyalty and hopefully he'll stay until the summer. If Rangers are indeed serious about signing him in this transfer window they need to pay the going rate and not try to pinch him on the cheap. The powers that be will not allow him to go for peanuts so either put up or shut up Mr Murray and that is the bottom line.
  5. They don't need Savage you know.....
  6. Absolutely spot on Scotty. What a bunch of amateurs they really are slinging mud in the sun day in day out. Until those clowns are removed from the club they'll continue to struggle despite being a MASSIVE CLUB!
  7. I'm slowly losing the will to live. Todd for captain a guy who refused to pull on the shirt last season DISGRACEFUL.
  8. Very difficult to claim the moral high ground here after the Savage saga but you'd have thought Ferguson would feel he owed us some loyalty after the backing the club and supporters gave him during his injury nightmare. When he's been fit he's hardly set the premiership alight either. But lets face it he couldn't lace Batty or Sherwoods boots and isn't a massive loss if we get a decent price for him.
  9. I think your comments are fair and you make some good points. Bottom line is Savage wants to come to Blackburn because it’s his last pay day before retirement and if a Blackburn player was behaving in the same way I think we'd all be up in arms. This aside though the powers that be at Birmingham, (Brady, Sullivan and Gold), are a disgrace to football with the way they've dealt with this matter. If we'd tapped him up, which I think we have, why not put up or shut the **** up. Instead they conduct their business through the sun newspaper which is just amateurish for me and does the club a disservice. I just wish someone would have asked Bruce about his defection from Palace and see what reaction they got because no doubt I my mind Brum tapped him up for that job....What goes around comes around. All this coupled with the fact that Birmingham obviously have a bee in their bonnet about signing a crock in Dunn, a fairy in Taylor and useless lazy sod in Yorke has really soured the relationship between the two clubs which is a shame. As for Savage as a player I think he'll do ok if his hearts really in it. I worry about his legs and how long he's got but if he plays for us like he's been playing for you over the past 2 seasons we'll all be happy up here. By the way we've got a wonderful Spanish international winger for sale, tell Bruce its 5 million but he can have him for 3. You never know lads he did buy Yorke .......
  10. Well that makes a what does that mean? change doesn't it? Those nuggets have been busy slagging of our club in the Sun all last week and we can't even get a few words when Savage puts in a transfer request. D**kheads the lot of em and birmingham are quickly becoming similar to Spurs in the hate stakes. "SAVAGE WILL NOT LEAVE DURING THE JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW" Steve bruce. Lets see then tosser.
  11. Tell you what I’m sick to the back teeth of listening to the three stooges at Birmingham complain day in day out about how unprofessional Blackburn Rovers are and how they don't want to sell Savage. STOP CONDUCTING YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH THE BLOODY SUN THEN YOU IDIOTS! "If Blackburn want Savage they'll have to pay the asking price" Does that sound like a 'club' that doesn't want to sell Robbie Savage? A club that doesn't want to sell its prized asset, like Paul Dickov for instance says: "He doesn't want to leave and we don't want to sell, end of story" It’s clear that Birmingham will sell Savage but want an inflated price for him or they wouldn't continue to stoke the fires through the media day in day out. Maybe now they know just how Crystal Palace felt when they tapped up both Mr Loyal Steve Bruce and Clinton Morrison. Hopes for 2005? Souness to get sacked and Bruce to take his place.
  12. Everton: possibly the worse side to visit Ewood this season? Real Madrid: just scored the winner after 92mins having been behind twice???? Everton: 40% of the gate today if we're to believe the away side’s websites? Worst support I’ve ever seen for the numbers involved. Blackburn Rovers: Crying out for a creative player to supply the front men. Steve Bruce: BIG BABY AND A COMPLETE TOSSER AFTER THE DICKOV STORY. GAV: ###### up and ever the optimist despite spending 5 days a week in the land that time forgot. Happy Christmas.
  13. I cant disagree with that. the Clubs hands are governed by the Safety at Grounds Act and Local Bye Laws. However heavy handed ejection of supporters, ie throwing them down steps, will alienate the club from the people who pay their wages. Continued practices of this nature by the stewards and the club wont have to worry about breaking regulations as there wont be any fans in the ground. As the chant this afternoon suggested the club is s######'on its own fans. No action is being carried out against away supporters. And before someone says its difficult to control a thousand or so away supporters, they could start by sending stewards into the hospitality boxes. I for one am sick and tired of the abuse given to Rovers supporters by the prawn brigade protected by their glass screens. Didn't go today so am pissing in the dark here........................But Like anyone who gains overnight power, someone is going to suffer and I understand the cr@p that has been going on. Second Class citizens is an appropriate label. No Rights as a football fan is a disgrace and having seen my innocent girlfriend smacked in the face by a GMP Robocop I know where we're coming from.
  14. "Outside the ground just seemed to be a group of yobos who wanted to have a go at the police in a way that was not a credit to the kids that took part." I thought we'd banned those hooligan types but maybe not...........Where they meeting next game as debs is interested in fronting the police.........
  15. As stewards find a few faces week in week from the home support and you've got something to aim for. Mugs stay standing up as a matter of principle and get thrown out.....why? .........sit down for a few minutes. Sit the f**k down and you'll not get thrown out like that complete prick behind me against Villa who never closed his mouth on the subject and I wanted to throw the b*****d myself. Mugs stay standing up as a matter of principle and get thrown out, no leg to stand on as far as i'm concerned.
  16. Playing devils advocate here. Blackburn and Darwen council insist that Blackburn Rovers enforce the no standing law throughout the season. Yes the away fans stand up but not the same people week in week out like in the home areas if you get my drift. What people must understand is that it’s not a club directive but a local council directive and like elsewhere in the country local councils must ensure that this rule is enforced or risk sections of the ground closed for future games. Don't blame the club. Closing sections of the ground?...........row 20 seat 1 please
  17. The first half last night was again shocking in my opinion. We've lost the ability to pass the ball and this must be addressed asap. I felt that both Jansen and Flitcroft looked closer to full fitness last night and contributed to a decent second half performance. Emerton still lacks the ability to pass the ball or go past a player and is very frustrating to watch. It’s clear he has the ability to beat players but my guess is he's suffering from a lack of confidence. Ammo I thought was excellent last night despite a dodgy miss kick in the first half. The amount of headers he won goes unnoticed I’m sure but he's getting better by the game but I agree with some fellow posters, he does switch of at times. His distribution is far better than any other defenders and he will always pose a threat from a set piece. Dickov, a real gem and does everything you could wish for from a player in that position. Tugay looks lost and some way of the pace. Let’s hope the Djorkaeff rumors are true because we need a creative midfield player and quick. All in all not a bad second half performance and given time it looks like Hughes can really do something with the current crop
  18. THREE ??! Don't tell me Mr G Goat is being allowed out for the weekend ?! You must be joking 'J' is coming i think, i'll ask if she'll bring her daughter if you like
  19. Well i wanted to let the train take the strain but at almost £300 return for the three of us i think i'll pass. To fly to Stanstead from Blackpool then hire a car for the weekend is going to cost £150! for three adults. Wonder why nobody travels by train these days....
  20. I suggest that it can only be something to do with guidance, policies and qualities of the respective councils down the years then. You're right, local authority policy will have contributed to the different situations in Blackburn and Sheffield. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't have to be like it is in Blackburn. There aren't these levels of segregation everywhere that has significant Asian communities.
  21. Looks a good shout Scotty as long as the pubs not to far away. Tris you're not coming
  22. The rumor mill is working overtime and whispers have reached sunny burnley that a number of message board members have already arranged a horse and cart to take them to Norwich in November? Myself and Debs are going by Choo Choo and staying Friday and Saturday hopefully and wondered if the rest of the usual suspects fancied making the trip and booking the same hotel? Everyone welcome apart from Tris who can't be bothered to empty his mailbox! Hotel ideas?
  23. PS, The 15k hardcore is 7k more than we had 15yrs ago so thats something to be greatful for.....
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