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  1. well my shares for my holidays are up again...happy days
  2. makes me laugh how all these women are shocked at the word pussy yet 50 shades is a best seller.
  3. He's still an arrogent @#/? with or without an illness
  4. 1. Holiday in Mexico2.i don't need to drive in Europe 3.falling prices ... great , kids can get on the ladder 4. Working regs .. great I can make more money in overtime 5. Conditions.. great no more Greek slipper makers telling nations what to do
  5. When will the remain anarchists accept the vote best of 3? Best of 50000003 v
  6. RIP , he died . A tragic ending doing a job he loved .Everyone knows the risk involved and that chance is taken .
  7. I've taken offers and laid on loads .. the sky one included .
  8. Good shout ... need Rory to win loadsfor free matched betting bets
  9. I had it a draw last night . Gutted for Crolla.
  10. Out for a meal and need to rush the scoff ,wanna be home for Crolla ,hard fight but think he may just scrape thru.I love watching him especially after his story .
  11. Iron maiden and shinedown !!! Yes , if you have not listened to shinedown or seen them live then you are in for a pleasant surprise as I can actually see them blowing maiden off the stage !!
  12. The little harwood one was where I watched Logans Run and saw first boobies in a film ... Look at the state of it now
  13. Ha the wonderful Jim wilks is watching my every move and posting back to his disciples ...ha another stalker .. He's from penwortham .. Another nobber
  14. was thinking same however a full day and stop over a month before download may stretch it for me. anyhows anyone watching Elton is funding venkys.
  15. Gotta think its bitterness or money lost that makes you obsessed
  16. The Warrington hen parties were most productive;)
  17. theres one idiot who nearly every night rides down preston centre the wrong way and laughs when you rant.
  18. Why ? Mercer should be good pitch with all @#/? that goes on it
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