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  1. A tragedy. Just when you think a man has everything, a great job he's successful in, a great wife and family and pots of money he goes and takes his life. Just show none of us knows what really goes on inside Someone else's head and how they are suffering inside. God blesss Gary we'll give you great respects tonight.
  2. Managers should be banned from making public statement about refs and decision on the pitch. In the end they are human and make mistakes. I believe they dolisten to what managers say in their post match statement and are intimidated by certain, high profile managers. It must be hard to go to Old Trafford and The Emerates etc. and not be overwelmed sometimes.
  3. I've been to a few derbys have had most of you and I enjoyed them all..great days..
  4. Well I hope so because we need them to play..
  5. A Sad day for Rovers and the fans..
  6. A tragic waste of a life and for something so meaningless...Condolences..
  7. He plays on the left he plays on the ri i ight our boy Messi Makes Man U look @#/?... Manchester United fans not chanting Argentina either...I wonder why...
  8. The ref is showing a lot of common sense tonight and realises the meaning of the match...not bad for a Swiss ref...let a lot go and the match run smoothly..But that little prick Ronaldo may get himself sent off yet...
  9. Barton is a total tosser...Hope he is sacked by newcastle and can't see anyone in the Premiership wanting him in their sides...
  10. If it wasn't for Jack I would not be a Rovers fan either...Now I'lll always be one..My Nephew is a Rovers fan too..
  11. That still gives him a few years on our Brad..
  12. Sky sport say that Ince is looking to sign Carlo Cudicini ....Is it the beginning of the end for Brad? He is getting on a bit. Still one of the best Keepers in the premiership despite that.
  13. Great post...How many of you, like me, shouted so much abuse at himn as manger of Bolton (Especialy), and Newcastle...Now some of you want him at Rovers..No thanks. I want to see a young, English manager given a chance. Yes, it's a risk but we are good at that. What has the fact He is "Black" got to do with anything. When He played for england we did not care. Ex Manchester United??.. We are famous for takingh ex United playes and sqeezing that extra bit out of them. Andrew Cole's winner at the League cup final is a good example of that. Would you give that trophy back just because Cole played
  14. To be fair to him, we did win our only cup trophy since 1928 with him as manager...I think the fact that his abrasive personality started to ###### off most of the players towards the end of him time with Rovers was the problem...It's seems this happens every to every team he goes to...
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