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  1. Andy Bayes at radio Lancs swears blind that Jaoa was one Coyle wanted.
  2. So following on from the 'take this out' give away that the LT is in Rovers' pocket...They have now cropped the picture of Senior and Pasha so only Senior remains!!! Strangely, my post on the LT comments section about finally seeing the elusive Pasha has also disappeared... What a joke.
  3. I see Cardiff and Wolves are disappearing into the distance under their competent managers.
  4. I have been thinking long and hard about where we are going or what the Venky/agent plan may be. The scenario that makes most sense is as follows. The academy has been funded continually throughout the Venky reign. We have a decent development squad who could, as has been shown in the cup games, hold their own against league 2 opposition. At the moment though, you could not expect that group to compete in the championship. All the players within this group, will be on low wages (comparatively). If we are relegated to the third or fourth tier, the 'current squad could be disbanded and replaced by the development squad. This would have a massive impact on the wage structure and streamlining of the club. To some extent, this may result in the club no longer accumulating yearly debt. So why is this of any benefit to the owners? Any player that performs well, will then command a fee, regardless of where they move to. Any decent prospects will play a few games, then be moved on for a fee. It would also become a window for 'free' players from overseas to put themselves in the shop window. Lots of low cost players, on low wages, just needing 2 or 3 a year to move for decent money. Low running costs, with a high turnover of players and contracts. Surely nobody would benefit from that scenario....would they? It may also give some pointers as to why relegation is of no apparent concern. Just a hypothesis!
  5. Booked tickets with the Mrs to see Guns N Roses over at Slane next May. Anyone on here heading over? GNR on the 27th then Kiss on the 30th at Manchester. Total memories of my first Donnington in '88 as a spotty 14 yr old!! Happy days Crazy nights.
  6. Depends whether it is a humorous interruption.To be fair Elton John is a football guy and a past owner. Could he be persuaded to don a sparkly venkys out tshirt at some stage?
  7. It really is heaven made publicity for some kind of stunt! - mind you, hopefully they will have clucked off by then - given we'll be in league 1.
  8. Watched my first rovers games when Kendall was manager. Did very well for us. Sympathies to his family.
  9. Bowyer draws too many games. That is what will take us down. Incidentally, how many times has he won three on the bounce?
  10. One more and I think he'll be level with Murray as championship top scorer ...
  11. The guy has played in the spl. Has some prem league experience and has an international cap scoring against the world cup holders... Yet an 18 yr old nomark striker from the lower portuguese leagues (even kean made a living over there!)starts league and cup games ahead of him. Id be brassed off as well. Not saying he's the answer up front but by christ he should start ahead of edhino.
  12. Just like to say good luck with this to all involved. Great to keep the tradition going. Unfortunately I'm off on summer hols that weekend but really hope you get a good turnout.
  13. ONeil as manager would be ideal. Certainly wont come as no 2. Who on earth would consider veing keans no 2? He has no pedigree, no prolific football career,no international experience, is hated by most fans and has a crap record. Throw in our league position and lack of club structure, I cant imagine there would be any quality applying. Lets just concentrate on getting kean out this weekend and get a manager and assistant who know what they're doing.
  14. Just caught up with this. Although I didn't know him personally I remember Paul from away travel days in the mid to late 80's. A friendly guy who must have put his life and soul into Rovers over the years. Condolences to his family.
  15. A very sad day. Deepest sympathies to his family
  16. Taken from the above Telegraph piece.. "Stoke City’s James Beattie remains on their list of targets to replace McCarthy, although his similar style to Jason Roberts, Franco Di Santo and Nikola Kalinic may see Allardyce opt for a forward player in a different mould. And Manchester City striker Benjani would appear to fit that bill and is believed to be being tracked by Rovers." Can someone explain how Benjani is any different to Roberts??
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