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  1. She likes dark dramas which usually involve the husband being disposed of by a mad woman - or football with a more incisive tactician...
  2. I'm rather hoping for the red button to go blurred which it normally does by now - it makes the process so much more tolerable
  3. Yup square holes round pegs over thought out thought muddled mowbray
  4. No choice now other than tippy tappy- route 1 not an option with the changes - he goes from one extreme to the other
  5. Seems to be playing him as a wing back in a back 4 - confused!
  6. Sounds old fashioned but this is time to pack the midfield with midfielders not false 9s deep 10s fluffy 11s and whatever our master tactician comes up with next...
  7. Brentford really working as a team - we look off the pace outnumbered and second to 50-50s
  8. Have we donated the centre circle to Brentford or has it got planning permission for housing?
  9. Another depressing outing - odd selection - moeen would have allowed a more balanced attack with stone as extra seamer- sibley has become the new undropable - totally worked out at this level - we can't blame the track this time
  10. Is Tom trybul playing some odd game of kabaddi where he holds his breath when he crosses the halfway line then has to return to his own half every 20seconds?
  11. On the bbe as a teenager in the 70s I used to stand near a chap who's only meaningful tactical contribution was to shout 'get up bloody field' every 2 minutes - I seem to have turned into him... 🙄
  12. Tippy tappy pitty patty tippy tappy pitty patty tippy tappy pitty patty tippy bloody patty - Mowbray will be delighted with the possession stats - he is the most stubborn inflexible tactician 🙄
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