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  1. Agree with this Nyambe did nothing wrong. Branthwaite totally misreads the clearance and ends up 10 yards under it. Lenihan moves in to challenge after the bounce leaving hole in Central defence with him and branthwaite now next to each other (again - this was a common theme). Nyambe has to come across to cover the central space as that was were the threat was. Once switched to the left he busts his balls to get out and Block the shot. Cunningham scores that 1 in 10 it was a great strike. Gallaghers starting position was waiting to press a pass out from the keeper and never reacted after the l
  2. Thanks it did start to work once the live stream started at 2 so was a bit of a strange experience but it does work on both app and website. Not been the greatest game like !
  3. I have ordered the match pass for today and the process was very simple and worked. Everything appears to have worked and I can access ifollow through the app. However when I log into the rovers ifollow website via my laptop it doesn’t recognise that I have already purchased the match pass and is giving me the option to purchase it still. I was hoping to hdmi to my tv to watch the game. Has anyone had this issue?
  4. Does anyone know if VAR was used in the shootout? Adrian was off the line for the save but nothing mentioned at all. I thought VAR was used to confirm earlier penalty so was in use at the game.
  5. Been absolutely hooked in gomorah. Brilliant.
  6. Also watching this having seen all the others and I am enjoying it again. Just finished watching Narcos on Netflix. Series about the rise of Pablo Escobar in Columbia and the DEA and Columbian government trying to capture him. Very violent but absolutely fantastic and wood highly recommend it.
  7. have a read of the reviews on IMDb. Gets a 9 which is up there with the best.
  8. It is subtitled but don't be put off. I don't know too much about the background to it but a friend recommended it and I was hooked. It was on sky catchup which is where I saw it.
  9. Breaking bad and sopranos I think are the greatest ever. Also love the walking dead. Been right through the topic and nobody has mentioned Gomorrah. I don't think it is very well known. Italian Mafia crime drama and is absolutely excellent - would highly recommend.
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