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  1. I fail to understand the logic. A manager tells a player to sort himself 'and you will be play'. He even puts mutually acceptable goals in place (by McCarthy's own admission) to help. However the manager is ignored as the player thinks he knows best. How the f is that the managers fault?? Astonishing! We all saw the arrogant git wobbling about with crumbs round his mouth! I was told by one of them they were glad to see him go and dont want him back because 'hes a cocky twit' and a 'lazy (do not use that word again)er'
  2. Philipl is deluded in thinking Sam is responable. McCarthy was told to pull his socks up and put the pies down but couldnt be arsed - he has a big head with nothing inside it other than a self inflated opinion of his own worth and pictures of pies. Basically a stupid, arrogant b'stard. Ive not doubt the London journos will be waxing lyrical over his performances in the coming weeks having a laugh at poor little Rovers' bigshot striker wanting to play at a higher level at West Ham but I'll bet we have the last laugh next season. Oh and a senior player also told me he was an arrogant twit and t
  3. ...anti Sam crap and you must be having a laugh mentioning the word entertainment in relation to the dross we are trying to get rid of. Making rumours up about unrest with the senior players doesnt help matters either and you know its bollux too - look at the facts and dont listen to the ill informed or those with another agenda. List of senior players stamping their little feet. Roberts - being pushed (entertaining???) Pederson - being pushed (entertaining???) Diouf - Benni's bezzy mate and Bolton (frequent) drinking partner. (entertaining???) Hoilett - Wants to be a striker (entertai
  4. Benny is a prick - always was and always will be. He threw his pies out the pram when he was at Porto. Hes better out that in as far as I'm concerned.
  5. He probabaly had a letter about his permit at some point but couldnt be arsed reading it. He just put the letter to one side with his big thick bank statements and take away menus. I wouldn't want him after this as he will have a right sulk on him. He has had issues at every club hes been at - West Ham are welcome to him. Sam won't lend him out btw - we need the cash now!
  6. What a 2 faced scumbag Psycho really is Pearce wary of Richards burn-out Chris Bailey 7/ 9/2006 Clickety Click tio see what he said about burnout and Richards
  7. I dont understand some of these criticisms - there is Rovers merchandising in shop including hats, scarves badges so whats the problem? Might be a good idea to go and check it out before commenting.
  8. ...and Mr Kidd is going to be his number 2...it just gets funnier
  9. Where has this confrimation come from? its not on the news wires
  10. How can the gate be accurate ?? the electronic card scanning system packed up at 2.45 at both ends of the Riverside and the stewards opened the emergency gates and let everyone pile in.
  11. One of the half wits was behind me in the Riverside last season banging his firkin drum so loud it was bloody ridiculous...you couldnt hear a thing. A good few around me were really annoyed and told the beating gurning idiot to bugger off home and play with it somewhere else - he looked to the steward nervously for help who said that he had lost his hearing so he wouldnt be able to hear the slaps if anyone fancied beating the drummer
  12. Alan Smith's reputation precedes him - if Savage had broken his leg in a similar fashion then you could cruise the boards of many a team reading how delighted everyone is by his injury...but this doesn’t necessarily make people ‘sick’. Human nature likes to see the 'baddies' get their comeuppance and this is what is being reflected in some of the comments on here. I don’t like Smith - I think he is a very, very average footballer with sh!t for brains who is trying to build a hard-man reputation but is not clever/skilled/hard enough to carry it off . However, I wouldn’t wish the injury he re
  13. 100s of Geordies are demonstrating outside the ground...looks like its all Rover for Graham. They have just been infering on the BBC that he's bought crap naming Titus Bramble and Boumsong Sven's leaving after WC according to the BBC
  14. "...off you pop Matty we dont want you anymore cause we think you are crap - Oh and by the way, you cant play against us with your new team whoever they may be" I know what I would have said....
  15. ...whos laughing at us FFS... If you leave your job you can go and work for anyone you choose - are some people suggesting that Jansen should have been put on bloody garden leave?? Another point is that Rovers have not being paying vast wages to Jansen as the insurance policy was void due to the nature of his accident - he has been paid on appearences since his accident which I believe will not amount to very much (comparitively). He has hardly been milking us since squashed his melon in Rome. I for one wish him luck and do any of you really honestly think for a minute that he will come
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