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Bryan Douglas. Never saw him play, haven't even seen him on the tele, but I know that this guy should walk this. I've read enough about him over the years to know that this fella is one of the Rovers legends. I look forward to hearing some glowing tributes for this guy. I reckon I'll need a lot of convincing not to vote for Douglas.

As for the right wingers who I have seen play. Windy Miller - tremendous pace, would knock the ball 10 yards ahead of the full back and his speed would see him through, no problem. That was more or less what his game was all about, but he'd deliver excellent crosses from the by-line. Rippers - I found him an extremely frustrating player, brilliant one week and not so good the next, also erratic with his crossing - had a habit of hitting the ball at the full back a lot. On his day though he was a class act. Neither Windy or Rippers scored enough though for a player in that position, in my own humble, could never do any better, opinion.

As for the others I've seen, Irvine, Gillespie and Emerton, no chance. You could also add Craig Skinner, David Byrne and Sir Bastian Perez to that list - but again I wouldn't bother. Noel Brotherston played on both wings apparently (before my time) but I'll always remember him as a left winger.

Who can tell us about Bimpson?

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I reckon I'll need a lot of convincing not to vote for Douglas.

Me too. My recollections of our right wingers are pretty much in line with bob's. from what I've been told if Douglas doesn't win this it would be on par with Shearer not getting in the team

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