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  1. Check the spelling, but otherwise an excellent choice! An excellent choice- just check the spelling!
  2. I think you might well be correct. When thinking about that great team, my first reaction had been he must have come after that.
  3. Might not be good, but what about when we conceded 7 goals against Shrewsbury in our first ever spell in the 3rd Division. No idea who played in that team, but the defence must have been awful.
  4. 2 messages came out of the Shareholders’ meeting. In what circumstances would the owners leave the club? None were forthcoming. If the Club were to be promoted, they would not look to sell to recoup any monies they had put into the club, or to clear liabilities. It was stated the owners were frustrated that they were prevented from putting more money into the club because of the FairPlay rules.
  5. We've seen it twice- first at the cinema, then on a DVD at home. It's very good.
  6. We have bought the first series of The News Room. Absolutely outstanding.
  7. We went to one on Tile Hill in Coventry years ago that was pretty good that my wife really liked.
  8. Yes. Quite wonderful ice cream which you can sit down and eat and have a free glass of water. One thing to be aware of is a similarly named ice cream franchise which is not Fenocchio.
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