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Anyone Bought The Sun Today?

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on the BBCs daily gossip column it says the sun says rooney will be fit for the first game as he's making a stunning recovery.

usually i wouldnt wipe my arse with this 'newspaper', which is why i'm not willing to buy it...but then they had the news about rooney having more than one break in his foot before anyone else, if i'm not mistaken.

so yeah, was wondering what the article said.

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wink.gif it's amazing isn't it! convince the world that he is injured and then they relax. Boom he is back! hte not so secret weapon is back!

Great news if it's true, would like to see theo given a go now though biggrin.gif

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other leading nations give a stuff about Rooney's fitness.


I would if i were them! England without rooney aren't anything overly special, mind you with rooney i spose theres room for improvement.

Also the potential mental boost to the england team by having such a big player making a "miracle" return would be immense. Doubt it was faked but it's a nice idea tongue.gif

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The guy has a broken bone in his foot. I would doubt it.

Anyway the above theory (however tongue in cheek) is based upon the premise that the other leading nations give a stuff about Rooney's fitness.


Of course they do, they would be silly if they didn't. That isn't to say that it they are pinning their hopes on him not being fit, but just as we would be pleased if France didn't have Henry or Brazil didn't have Ronaldinho they will be pleased if we do not have Rooney.

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Even if Rooney could play in the World Cup, he will still be recovering from the injury, he won't be fully fit and as such, wouldn't have the same devastating effect that he would normally have. However, I don't think anyone really knows if he will be fit or not, apart from the doctors, but not the newspapers, because the on Skysports News last night, they were looking at today's papers and one of the headlines was that Rooney has no chance.

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To be honest I don't think we should need Rooney till the second round. If we are serious about winning the world cup then Beckham, J Cole, A Cole, Lampard, Gerrard, Owen (who does look like he will make it) should have enough collective firepower to win all three group games, at least on paper. The Swedes are never easy, and have looked the better side the last few times we have played them (and in Ljungberg and Ibrahimovich have two genuinely worldclass players), BUT we still shouldn't be looking for Rooney to make the difference.

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ooney "making perfect recovery"

Wayne Rooney

Rooney will undergo a vital scan on Thursday

England's team doctor says Wayne Rooney is making a "perfect recovery" from his broken foot and has every chance of playing at next month's World Cup.

The Manchester United striker will have a scan on the injury on 25 May to check its progress but Leif Sward told The Sun everything was looking encouraging.

"Everything points to a perfect recovery. I have the highest hopes for Rooney and the World Cup," he said.

"I hope I can give a perfect answer after the next MRI scan on Thursday."

I hope everything has healed good - everything points in that direction

Dr Leif Sward

Rooney's World Cup place was put in doubt when he suffered the broken bone playing for United at Chelsea on 24 April, and initial reports said he would be out for at least six weeks.

Since then, he has spent time in an oxygen chamber to encourage the bone to heal more quickly, and has been named in coach Sven-Goran Eriksson's 23-man World Cup squad.

He has not kicked a ball since suffering the injury and Sward said this would remain the rule until it was entirely safe.

"He is not allowed to do that or anything else that could make his foot worse before Thursday's examination," he said.

"But he can put pressure on his foot now with the special protection he is wearing.

"I hope everything has healed good and I can say everything points in that direction.

"This healing process has been very, very good."


thats from the BBC website, lets wait till thursday.

i'd like to see him get a run out against sweden, as the earlier he can get a run out the earlier he will be not just playing, but playing well. if he's back for the last group match then should we get to the semis he should be pretty close to his best by then.

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