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SINCE 1996
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Portugal 2 Mexico 1


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Well, here is my review for the upcoming group D match.

By now, I don't think there is no need to make a summary of both teams.

If you want one of Portugal, Just click

Anyway, Portugal is already qualified and Mexico only needs a draw to pass (it can also lose, if Angola doesn't win).

The scenario is scary: the teams that pass this group will face the group C teams, Argentina or Holland. By now, half of the world, even brazilian fans, fear Argentina. But it could happen that Holland finishes first. So, to which place should you fight for? First or second?

And the main problem is that, by the time the game is held, it is not yet known who finished first or second of the previous called "group of death".

One curious aspect of this game is that Portugal might want to help Angola finish second by winning the game.

Portugal is going to rest several players, most of them to avoid a second yellow card: Nuno Valente, Costinha, Deco, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pauleta. Figo should also go to the bench to get some rest.

So, the start line up should be like this(4-2-3-1):

Ricardo (GK)

Miguel or Paulo Ferreira

Ricardo Carvalho

Fernando Meira




Tiago or Hugo Viana

Boa Morte

Simão Sabrosa

Nuno Gomes or Helder Postiga

On Mexico's side, Borgetti, their star stricker will miss the game. La Volpe will probably present their best eleven available as they already said that they will enter the game to win it instead of settling for a draw. There is a slight possibility of La Volpe resting the 3 players that have yellow cards (Salcido, Torrado and Pineda).

Oswaldo Sanchéz (GK)

Carlos Salcido

Rafael Márquez

Ricardo Osorio

Mario Méndez

Gerardo Torrado


Pavel Pardo

Gonzalo Pineda

Guillermo Franco

Omar Bravo

My prediction:

The last time Portugal found themselves in this situation, of being able to rest some players in the starting 11 was in the Euro 2000, in the game against Germany. It ended 3-0 for Portugal and Sergio Conceição did the match of his life.

Other interesting point: last time a portuguese team played in Gelsenkirchen, FC Porto won Champions league. Result 3-0.

So now, I want the same: 3-0 for Portugal (Simão, Nuno Gomes and Petit to score) and Angola passes in second after they beat Iran 1-0, Mantorras to score.

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I've been really imporessed by the Portuguese; they are a team nobody wants to play. Portugal to go all out to win as I cannot see the Dutch getting ahead of Argentina.


You are more optimistic than most portuguese.

Or you are just being ironic! ;)

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Portugal played bad (again), specially in the second half.

We don't have many alternatives to our starting 11 and that showed off today. The defense was schoking, in particular Caneira (Valencia wants to sell him :lol: )

Simao was the best portuguese player, in my opinion.

Mexico played a good gamea and was unlucky.

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Atmosphere at this one was very entertaining. The stadium was very partisan Mexico.

For the first hour it was very entertaining. The two turning point were the missed penalty and the sending off. Couldn't really make out if it was a dive from where we were sat at the other end of the ground (I assume thats what he got a yellow for?).

Had Mexico made it 2-2 there was only really one winner. Figo looked good in the first half but drifted out in the second. Simao looked excellent on occasions. But apart from that, Portugal weren't outstanding and just looked to soak up play - which they did effectively.

Was a bit disppointed not to see Deco etc, but I suppose there's no need to get him suspended or injured. At the time, Portugal had either Holland or Argentina so it didn't really matter which one they got - they need him despertely against either.

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Scolari made the five guys with yellow cards (Deco, C. Ronaldo, Pauleta, Costinha and Nuno Valente) stay on the stands. They weren't even in the bench.

I hope that they'll make the team much better for the game against Holland. If we play against them like we played against Mexico, we'll lose.

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