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[Archived] Do You Count How Many Grounds You've Been To?


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Im sure Simon Shakeshaft has a fairly unfair advantage.

If its the same Simon Shakeshaft Im thinking of he used to be Physio for Hereford United and is now with another team so would explain it lol.

Didn't know that...he is down as being a Hereford United so could well be the one and same....

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Me to :(

All emails are sent straight away...it depends on your email provider. If yout btopenworld your screwed...they think the email is spam (charming) and stick it in the junk bill. If you'd like your password drop me an email at webmaster@wewillfollow.co.uk and i'll send you it again via another email adress.

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I can't work out how they get to their total number.

Have you noticed the "Settings" box next to the Groung Log Day list? You will get different totals according to which selections you have checked.

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