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  1. I was a bit alarmed at the new away kit but thought it actually looked good in Glasgow. With you on the badge though and, as an exiled Lancastrian, I don't like seeing that rose in monochrome. I doubt that would be allowed in Yorkshire
  2. I think the Brighton lad was mentioned on here a week or so ago. He has 60 odd games for Wigwam under his belt so he's no rookie. I think the fact that he's 6'5" makes him an upgrade on Raya.
  3. "Defend himself"? He's had his "even handed" opinions questioned on a message board ffs. Jesus, you were moaning about over sensitive Millennials a few posts ago! ?
  4. It must have been you that posted the link! I think it was Hansen that you mentioned and you maybe included a video or picture?
  5. Yes, it's a high quality league (both divisions) which hasn't been blighted by inflated wages. The post was quite a while back (before Raya went) and I can't remember the player or club unfortunately but I did google him and he had a decent pedigree. I wouldn't be opposed to us taking a punt on a keeper like that.
  6. I seem to remember one our Scandanavian posters speculating about a 6'8" Norwegian keeper who had Bundesliga experience.
  7. Is he ready? I read that he's a real talent but I also read that he was totally out of his depth at Hillsborough.
  8. They are idiots of course. They have however, funded the Academy so who's to say that they won't offer continuing support to a European network? Particularly if it is potentially profitable?
  9. There's a saying that goes something like "good men plant trees that they will never sit under"...………...or summat like that ?
  10. The first I heard of it was towards the end of last season but, of course, I stand to be corrected. Mowbray has only been in the job for two and a half years as well.
  11. You'll have an advantage on me if you were at said evening but he's quoted as "hoping" in the Telegraph. Semantics I know but given the scouting network has had to undergo a complete overhaul from a smouldering wreckage it may suggest that even 'hope' for quick results was possibly unrealsistic.
  12. I've got a Dukla Prague away shirt. Not just because of HMHB but also because it's a thing of beauty!
  13. I think Rangers still have to be careful with their money don't they? Massive club granted but tempting players north is even tough for recent perennial champs Celtic with their CL guarantee. I reckon Evans might be a goer as he may be from the Rangers supporting tradition of NI.
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