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[Archived] Not Surprising Is It

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More important things to worry about than some spotty nerd who cant review a game, BOO HOO

Well more important things than if you had just dropped 50 notes on a game that a spotty nerd had said was ace when in fact he may be getting paid to say that and the game is pants and you lose 50

Fair enough then

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I read reviews. But I don't solely buy games on the basis of what I read. Video reviews are usually a good indication as to what a game is like.

Now it's not as if this is shocking news. We know it happens in so many industries. Now I'll just not read the Gamespot (or IGN) reviews. Eurogamer and Gametrailers are pretty decent... hopefully independent also. And there are obviously loads more.

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Who reads reviews anyway?

I go for a game purely because i like the Genre or its a series game which has been good previously. Or if my mate has it and he raves about it for weeks on end.

The way you go about deciding on game purchases is not true for everyone.

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