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[Archived] New Game Shows

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Now we all know that the Great British game show is dying on it's arse, so much so that 'new' game shows are basically old game shows such as celebrity Mr and Mrs and the all new generation game. I mean, they even brought Bullseye back for God's sake...

Anyway, what are your concepts for a new Great British game show? What do you think would be a ratings winner and would pull the punters back in on a Saturday night, just like the halcyon days of Big Break and Give us a clue?

Here's my idea - 'WAG OR ***please dont use that word again*** ?'

Basically a load of wannabe bimbos do all kinds of tasks related to being a WAG (shopping, pouting, putting up with your boyfriend visiting prostitutes etc.) and are vetted by a panel of WAG judges such as Colleen Mc Loughlin, Karren Brady and Iain Dowie's wife and marked accordingly.

At the end one of the show they have to vote who's the WAG and who's the ***please dont use that word again***. They could then go through to the final to win a house in Formby, a couple of poodles and a £1000 voucher at Selfridges. I'm utterly convinced this would take us back the the Saturday night 'Noel's House Party' era and it'd be the topic of conversation in workplaces every Monday morning.

What is your ratings winner?

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If a show such as this was made it would only go to raising the profile of the WAG who to be frank should neither be seen or heard as she is only the girlfriend of a footballer (in this case not even that a wanabee footballers girlfriend) and has no need for being in the papers or on the telly.

Also, I am thinking about editing your post for the naughty word you are throwing around so would you like to have a go at editing it before I do :rolleyes:

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I know it's been kind of done by Michael Portillo; but I'd love to see a reality show of certain Politicians spending a couple of weeks living on a pension in some sink estate where a load of chavs cause nightly havoc.

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