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[Archived] Recomendations Please

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Anyone help recommending me some PS2 games.

I like all sorts of genres in general but at the moment I'm looking for sporty stuff that has a sort of 'career' mode in it. Examples I've played recently are Toca Race driver and Fight Night Round 3.

All sports considered.

Anyone ??

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Ok, try:-

Pro Evo


(although I suspect you already have them)

You could try LMA manager but there isnt an up to date one out as far as I know

Madden could be one. I know nothing about American Football and dont like watching it but really got into the game when played it at my mates and ended up buying it.

Again, I dont like wrestling but the Smackdown games are quite good

I know you asked for sporty stuff but really consider these:-

God of War I and II - I fail to see how anyone couldn't like these two.

Resident Evil 4

Sonic Mega Collection (for old times sake - I still have it and play it through the PS3 - its all the sonic games (2d really) on 1 disk for £10)

GTA (Any of them)

Burnout Revenge

Really there are loads more but you get any of the above and you shouldn't be disappointed (did I mention God of War)

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Got most if not all of them Cocker. It's more obscure stuff that I'm after. There's only so many times I can keep completing Resi 4.

I liked Madden on the Megadrive (the original I think - it had commentary too!). However I've always been bothered about having to learn too many rules as well as the 'plays'

I said Sport. Wrestling isn't a sport. :P

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Try EA Sports NHL games - they not only have career mode, but if you don't really know the teams, they have a good draft and a salary cap to start the game with. Hint: Try to find players under 23, as they have better contracts and allow you to build for the future.

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Tiger woods has a good career mode, gets unbelievably hard though!!

Has anyone tried that F1 game on PS3?? Was thiking of making a purchase.

Played the demo and quite enjoyed it, there are loads of different driving aids so you can adjust it to be more like an arcade or go the whole hog and turn them all off for a simulation mode. Very hard then though!!

Managed to get Jenson Button to win the two demo tracks though with about half the settings off, I pretty much suck at racing games so I guess it's not as hard as some racing simulations.

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Just got WRC evolution on the PS2 for next to nothing to pass the time.

Seems OK but may take a few go's to get used to the twitchy controls and the interaction with the terrain. Haven't had a rally game since VRally on the dreamcast.

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