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[Archived] Good Luck.


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Good luck for the season Rovers. Your a decent bunch.

Thanks and to you and your's.

I know this will upset a few folk in the Horwich badlands and thereabouts but I am rather pleased and proud that the 3 who came up in 2000/1 are altogether undivided in the EPL still.

Late March last season, writing that was in the realms of mathematical improbabilities.

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Cheers Ffan. Not sure why but i really have a soft spot for Fulham so good luck. Look forward to visiting the cottage again this season. One of my favorite grounds.

Funny that, I feel the same [soft spot for Fulham that is] might be as they're perhaps a less fashionable club - compared to some of the other clubs in that area - but don't know for sure.....anyway all the best for the season ffan...

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