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[Archived] Leeds Night Out

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Im off to Leeds tomorrow night and Iv been told its a decent night out.

So anyone been? Any reviews of the place?

Also anyone know of any good bars and places to eat?


Yeah its a decent night- best bars Mojo's, Elbow room. Then there is the usual chain type bars revoulution etc.

All depends what you are after- The last time I was there we got talking to a member of the Emmerdale girlies :wub:

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Went last night, stayed at Bewleys Hotel.

Hotel very good, good location, nice big clean rooms, very busy hotel but not bad. 8/10

Leeds itself - We found an italian that was packed out, Bella Italia - one word for the place 'Awful'. So bad we sent our food back (which took an hour to arrive), had our drinks and left. Why people were waiting I dont know.

Nightlife - was quite good, not the best but alright. Bars are spread out which is abit of a pain, plenty of hen parties/ birthday parties in fancy dress. Overall the night wasnt bad, not the best - 7/10.

The City itself is quite a dirty place, on the way back to the hotel we noticed a used needle on the floor - NEEDLESS to say we wont be going back in a hurry.

York is better than Leeds for a night out.

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I went to a great restaraunt in Headingley. I think it was called Dare, or something like that. It was pretty trendy but the food was really nice.

Good choice.

Headingley is quite good for food. Great fish and chips at Bryans or Bretts and Salvos for Italian.

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