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[Archived] Rovers Reunited


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The club are starting a "former players association" and are trying to track down players of yesteryear. Whilst they have pretty good info on anybody who played for the club from the 80s onwards, they are looking for contact details for players prior to the 80s.

So, if you've got a friend, family member or neighbor that has played a competitive first team game for the club, who you think they won't have contacted. The either contact Ken Beamish at the club or send us the details and we'll forward them on.

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i read about this in the fans forum thingy. may i ask why they want to find these players? is it for the 135years anniversary coming up next year?

No. It's because they are setting up a former players association. It's intended to be both a social thing and a fundraising organisation to raise funds for former players fallen on hard times. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous in the current climate but there are plenty of players still around from a time when they got not much more than an average wage and their careers still ended before they were 40.

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A few years back I met a bloke who played mainly as a reserve keeper in the early 1950's. His name was Wilf Billington (I think).

He came to Aus and worked in the mines down here.

A top bloke who, despite being in his 80's then, told some terrific stories. He looked as fit as a fiddle.

Nice idea.

Hope they let Grabbi in.

Had his "goal" against the mancs (and the clown Barthez) been allowed, as it should have been, he would have been an Ewood legend. Sadly, his heroic deeds were shot down by a piece of shoddy workmanship by a referee.

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