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[Archived] A Radical Idea

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It doesn't look likely we are going to sign any more players - indeed the news about Brett is now official which probably ups the price of any potential replacement we had in mind.

So the odds are we will end the window in roughly the same shape as we started. The players we have are capable of getting Europe, never mind staving off relegation. We have players out in the cold that need to be brought back in (Villanueva and Vogel), and fringe players who need to buck up.

What has been overlooked, however, is our own responsibility. Make no bones about it - Ewood Park is no fortress and possibly the least intimidating ground for other teams to visit. It is as though an unbreakable force of apathy curses the ground.

We can make a difference together - cheer on the team. Why do we wit to score before really cheering on the lads? Why do we clam up when we go a goal down. I know the away games rarely suffer from this, but at home it is embarrassing.

I was at the FA Cup semi against Chelsea at Old Trafford, and when we went a goal down, the response was so fantastic from our fans it was nearly emotional. The players responded and played out of thier skin.

I know not all of us can make every game, and I know it's hard for the shyer fans to stand up and sing, but please - we need to do something or the team we all claim to love will be sucked into the doldrums never to return.

So the Jersey folk are pocketing all our money, so we are struggling at the bottom of the league, so no-one seems to give us a break and so it doesn't seem the FA want us amongst their elite.

Cheer on the lads - make it like it used to be - a real atmosphere. If it means giving away teams a hostile 90 minutes, so be it - that's football. When the players names are read out before the game, cheer them with all you have. When we have the ball, urge them on. When we score, go crazy-mad. When a song is started, join in and keep it going as loud as you can until you lose your voice, whatever it take.

If we do our bit, you can feel justified when the players don't play to potential. At the moment we criticise openly Pedersen, ANdrew, Mokoena, etc - myself included. But lets stop that now and show them our 100%, total and undivided support. We may get out of this mess if the apathy continues, but we wil definately get out if we stop the rot from the fans.

Lets get together, lets get behind the team and lets fight the like of Man U, Villa, West Ham and Arsenal for every damn point. Sam wants a ruthless streak in his players but I think he needs it in the fans as well.

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- The layout of Ewood doesn't help. The BBE needs to be made into a singing section only - not a singing section with the kids above it! The pathetic Riverside stand just allows any noise created to just disperse into the areas surrounding the stadium. You look at The Hawthorns for example. Not a big ground by any means, but the fact that it is geared towards keeping sound locked in makes for a more vociferous 'hostile' feel.

- Get rid of the bloody pre-match music/sound system! When the sound temporarily went before the Bolton game it reminded me of a time when there used to be crowd noise and nothing else.

As is happens though, of all the other grounds I've been to, Ewood doesn't actually have a THAT bad an atmosphere. Traditional 'fortresses of noise' such as Anfield and Stadium Of Light are hardly that, they just have more people in them. Football matches have become stale in general, and that's why I tend to go to away games and give home matches a miss.

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We should really be a radical club and bring back a section of safe standing....I say that it should be Blackburn End Lower and that all the fans that want to sit shall go to the riverside and this will help it to look more full....

With a standing area, we can then lower the cost of admission and therefore attract more fans....and if you want to go the whole hog, change the TV cameras to face JW Stand. :unsure:

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We should really be a radical club and bring back a section of safe standing....

One of the Taylor Reports main points was the introduction of all seater stadiums, which the Football League took up and made it compulsory for all top two division stadiums to be all seater.

...and if you want to go the whole hog, change the TV cameras to face JW Stand. :unsure:

One word-Giant Mirror.

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