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  1. 25 year old pays £125 more than a 65 year old in the BBE. Sign of the times that the 65 year old is far more likely to afford a full price ST than the 25 year old. Maybe clubs (not just Rovers) need to look at the reasons why discounts are given to seniors rather than making it more affordable for young people.
  2. Depressing. That lack of accountability just filters down to every area of the club, including the team.
  3. Eustace is quickly going to lose the fans if he comes out with more of this rubbish. Why can't he say we have lost wharton, might lose others (sammie) and we will need to recruit well to replace them and also avoid being down the bottom again next year. Not difficult.
  4. 24,000 on at Bolton. Smiles all round, pitch invasion as they reach Wembley. Any scenes of celebration like that feel a long way away for rovers.
  5. Don't underestimate this. Eustace was lucky to be able to bring in Fadz who is far more solid and organises the defence. Plus Chrisene was a constant outlet on the left. IMO if Hyam plays we lose.
  6. Eustace would get a lot more respect if he didn't come out with utter BS in his interviews. Before the Leicester match, Eustace said he wanted it to be a 'celebration' if we survived. Much more refreshing from Carter who said he wouldn't be celebrating because it was way below what they should be achieving.
  7. How's about he wins a home game before the talk of celebrating.
  8. Yes, Euseless has inherited a poor squad But that isn't an excuse for some of the dire performances and shockingly weak mentality shown under him. The lack of concentration and weakness under pressure by Hyam and Pears isn't caused by Gallagher rather than Messi plodding around upfront. You've just got to watch other teams when they have conceded a goal, they are urgent and determined to get one back. We fall to pieces and give up. Not to mention JE playing 5 at the back and inviting pressure on at home.
  9. Let's be honest, no one is paying any fees for Pears or Leo. They have destroyed any sort of value with the bad mistakes this season. Best we can do is just let them leave for free and get the wages off the wage bill.
  10. Silvester was retiring anyway wasn't he? The "investigation" will now be swept under the carpet. IS will probably get a nice sweetener into his pension for taking the blame on the transfer fiasco. We all know full well that the application was 'saved' and not 'submitted' because venkys didn't allow it.
  11. Swapped one poorly performing manager for another. It's plain to see that Eustace hasn't been able to organise and motivate this side. Huge contrast to other new managers in this league (QPR being an example). That said, I wouldn't be bothered if none of this team were around next season, bar Sammie they have shown minimal determination to get us out of the position we're in. Eustace is only shooting himself in the foot by defending the dire performances.
  12. Waggot/GB quite happy to throw £15k a week at Fleck who arrived on crutches, left on crutches.
  13. Hutchinson on loan at Ipswich from Chelsea. Quality loan players are out there, yet GB gets Moran etc
  14. The big problem is the timing of the tax case - August. An effective transfer window needs to be underway in July. I can see nothing happening until August, when it will be too late.
  15. Buckley. The problem with a lot of the squad is the lack of pace. We'd still be caught out in L1 unless we make some signings.
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