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  1. I've updated the analysis of Nyambe vs Bennett at right back, since November the figures show a stark contrast: With Bennett at RB: W2 D1 L5 (0.87 points per game) With Nyambe at RB: W8 D7 L1 (1.9 points per game) What this tells me is that Mowbray has failed to provide cover at RB/CB for injuries to Nyambe or suspension of Lennihan/Tosin. Another example of the awful summer transfer window coming home to roost.
  2. Hard watching this. Rovers getting very little credit. Commentary wetting themselves whenever Brentford go forward.
  3. He's back in his proper position in the middle now, instantly looks better!
  4. Buckley is not a winger. Not fair on the lad to keep sticking him out there.
  5. Helps that Buckley is playing in his proper position, not stuck out on the wing.
  6. Makes it all the more disappointing we didn’t strengthen in January. Next season could be a lot harder to be anywhere near top 6.
  7. What formation are we now playing with Big Dom and BB on?
  8. Not buying anyone in January + inevitable injuries= season over.
  9. What concerns me about the transfer policy of 'buying young players that are going to be great in 2 years' is that what players are going to be attracted to this? Someone smashing it in League One or abroad is not going to be jumping at the chance to play for our U23s for 2 years. That has maybe shown in not being able to sign anyone. They only have to look at Chapman, Brereton, Davenport, Rothwell etc to realise it won't do their career any favours.
  10. Bennett should not play at No 10. If anything Travis would be more suited to that position.
  11. Mowbray said he was only buying people as backup, not to go into the team.
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