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  1. Raya blunder gifts Millwall lead v Brentford Pne 0-2 at home
  2. Doesn’t matter who is picked. Everything is in place: in great form no injuries or suspensions at home close to play off places opposition are poor opposition we love to hate fans full of hope and optimism. Can only mean one thing - an away win. We are Rovers after all.
  3. I am clearing out! 51 Rovers programmes to anyone happy to pay postage. I live in Lincolnshire. Mostly season 92-93 (16 home, 2 away) and 93-94 (13 home) with miscellaneous others from earlier and later seasons. PM me if interested.
  4. In terms of impact per minute nobody beats Keith Fear. 2 first half goals at the Turd on Boxing Day 1977 to send us in 3-0 up. Arrived late the worse for a few pints in Padiham and had no clue who he was.
  5. He may be having a poor game but it’s hardly a shock!
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/oct/28/shouting-at-the-tide-myth-managerial-efficacy-alex-ferguson-jose-mourinho Good article on the limited powers of managers. Worth a read for all the TM critics.
  7. Yes. Peterborough fans say he is a diver, soft and thinks he’s far better than he is. Not a TM type at all.
  8. I thought John O’Mara would be decent and that Norman Bell was a superstar
  9. Spoke to a work colleague who's a season ticket holder at Peterborough and knows his football. Said we'd be daft to sign Maddison. Not our type. Goes to ground too easily, play acts and thinks he's a whole lot better than he is. He reckons his career is going nowhere. He said the Blackburn fans will not take to him at all.
  10. Went today as I live close to Peterborough. It was an error strewn game. In the first half we were out muscled in midfield and looked vulnerable on the break. Awful defending for their goal. Nyambe and Conway were poor throughout. Tomlinson made a big difference and with Smallwood they controlled things. Dack was the best player by miles. Samuel struggled and Graham was no better. Home support was non existent but the Rovers fans were vocal creating some atmosphere. We need a couple of signings in Jan. A right back and a winger might be enough to turn us into a good promotion bet but we are no
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