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  1. 13 Pears Yeah right you are. 41 Greek fella who possibly doesn't exist. Ben Benson likes this.
  2. Thought it was Engineer's blue... was at my place applied by the "women".
  3. You already know the answer John. Awaiting you sharing the response to the letter from The Trust. Of course... they didn't even read it... yet I reckon you still bought your ST pal. They are laughing.
  4. That is how it will be perceived by them and perception trumps reality every time.
  5. So if we get a £5m player as make weight surely we have to give £2m cash to Newcastle. He would be part of the profit so 40% due ? Can't see anything other than a full cash sale with nothing re-invested.
  6. What a joke. I mean he was rendered redundant since Brexit and us having no money and no FFP headroom. The joke is that we hired him in the first place in full view of the facts.
  7. I predict the Leeds attendance will be our biggest of the season. Circa 6500 for this one. Swansea were given 1967 tickets but still got loads left.
  8. Mowbray Out ! p.s. looking forward to hearing the "pelters" on Radio Lancs from the "I only bought a ST because...." brigade. Should easily drown out the clapping 😏
  9. I wont buy a ST or pay those walk on prices Howie. Will stay away this season unless something significant changes.
  10. Obviously nothing to see here until the "For Sale" sign goes up at the STC
  11. How many people on here are elite athletes on £20K per week.... Just you then 😏
  12. There will be no booing and no pelters. Just polite clapping.
  13. A conspiracy theory about Jabs and Rovers.... love it. 😏
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