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  1. BRFCS were not invited according to Josh on page before. So as I said, it was only the nodding dogs who were hand picked. End of the day they will reap what they sow.
  2. Mowbray still in charge. Transfer Embargo. Half the team gone. Other half going through the motions on their option year. Covid test before every game. 4000 in a 31000 seat stadium. £400 plus including Riverside, for the privilege. What's not to like.
  3. Who exactly was invited and what was the criteria to be invited ? Clearly it was not any of the recognised supporter groups. No use asking Birdy and the like, who are going to buy a ST regardless. That will result in 2500. They need to be asking those who represent the other 20,000.
  4. Still trying to decide if I have completely lost interest for the remainder of this season. Manager doesn't care. Owners don't care. Players don't care. CEO doesn't care. Why should I care ? The only thing which is certain is a pre season away game at Fleetwood. Wonderful. So excited.
  5. taking questions from who ? and how did these individuals know about it when they are supposed to send invites out to all the individuals and groups who usually attend. e.g. Josh would have been contacted on behalf of BRFCS. Sounds very fishy even by their standards.
  6. 2 kids at centre half and not even our kids.... what could possibly go wrong ?
  7. I think success, and whether that is promotion or winning the PL or the CL, starts with the manager's mentality. i.e. If Zidane says I'm really not bothered if we win the Champions League, I just want to develop players, that there is zero chance his players will perform anywhere near the standard expected, regardless if they are good enough. What hope is there if the team go out onto the pitch with "it doesn't matter" ringing in their ears. 9th or 17th lads... just enjoy yourselves and try to compete.
  8. Mowbray's recent words, bullshit, lies are a fuck you to the fans. Making 5 subs was a fuck you to the fans. The owners saying he will be here until the end of the season regardless of results is a fuck you to the fans. Mowbray keep talking about next season when he knows nobody wants him here is a fuck you to the fans. Trying to flog part of Jack's legacy for a few houses under the radar was a fuck you to the fans. If they actually let Mowbray start next season its a fuck you to the fans. If they sack him and hire a new manager just before the season starts its a
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