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  1. These are games we would have drawn or lost late on previously. I thought it was good to see us using some gamesmanship to see out the game. Several times late on BB was seen organising the others to see out time. Happy to take 3 points at the expense of a booking.
  2. The key to us doing well is for Mowbray to have as few players as possible to choose from. Well proven fact. Unless Venkys (never refuse to sign a check) are pushing to recoup funds there is no reason to sell anyone in January.
  3. Buckley best I have seen him play today. Wow. We are a good side when we want to be.
  4. FFP plan A - sell Dack Dack gets injured Oh shit. FFP plan B - sell Arma No takers on time. Oh shit. FFP plan C - sell training ground Incidentally I was posting all summer about having no money, failing FFP and being under an embargo. The sums are easy and obvious from the accounts. We all know our annual costs / losses and the £13 million per season rule. I kept getting told by someone on here to stop posting fake news and we are not under embargo. Yes we were and we sold the STC to get ourselves off the hook at 5 to midnight. Now why it costs so much to operate, whilst being unable to be competitive, compared to our peer clubs is another question. And the STC now belongs to Venkys, not to Rovers. So its a matter of trust what happens in the case of future sale. Aside from the many fantastic memories Jack gave us, which nobody can take away... Jack built a legacy for all of us, which is being dismantled. Where is Venkys own legacy being built for the town and the fans ? FFP is not stopping them building a new stand or installing a new pitch or investing in cleaning up the area around the ground e.g. Old St Barts site. Are we going to name streets after them in the future ? Can't see it. Jack brought us all together. Venkys tore us apart.
  5. Awww that's lovely Darren. Unfortunately a million miles from reality. Only post admin and post Venkys will this become remotely possible. Hopefully you are also posting these motivational words on twitter to the know nothing happy clapping self proclaimed super fans.
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