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  1. Mercenary working for this lot. And not a very good one.
  2. In 10 days, hopefully the Dehli High Court judge will remind them that their £18m is in the UK bank, so no need to send Rupees to England, now fuck off and come back when its all gone.
  3. This time next week we could be in the bottom 3. Then there will be no way back. We are basically relying on Gally to score goals, win games and keep us up. Does anyone other than Eusless think that is possible. No chance. Fuck these owners.
  4. Only 1 point above the bottom 3 as it stands. Very predictable after Tuesday.
  5. Keegan my arse ! Show them the trophy cabinet. They don't fucking have one.
  6. Everything you need to know about Eusless & what he thinks of the cup. Saving legs. Fuck off.
  7. The Cup is about romance. You don't bring a lazy once every 10 game showpony on. Get the fucking German lad on.
  8. I already stopped listening to Eusless reading his scripted pressers. Big con job.
  9. 5 teams below us won today. 2 points dropped. No idea how they gave Gally MOM. His job is to score and he missed 4 sitters. Pears by a country mile. Saved about 4 goals and got us a point.
  10. Eusless Master Plan Forget attack. 15 x 0-0 draws means we stay up. Mission Accomplished. Waggott gets a nice bonus for successfully meeting all of this season's targets.
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