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  1. He hasn't turned us around. Laughable POV with no evidence. He managed to chuck enough points away to get us relegated. We got promoted because we kept the Championship squad, not because of Tony. I fact it was in spite of him and his attitude to not coming top was disgraceful. Since then we are just back to square 1 as a mid table Champ side and regressing. Don't see what had changed or turned around. Nothing. Oh one thing.... the standard expected has dropped significantly.
  2. The only difference yesterday was the (extremely poor) quality of the opposition. If we win the next 4 then we can give Tony some credit.
  3. Lets be honest. This was the only game in this group of fixtures which we had a good chance of winning. Millwall really were an attrocious side. The next 4 games are a different proposition.
  4. Barnsley do what Mowbray can't and break into the top 6. 7 wins in a row. Good on them.
  5. This team selection has to be Tony begging to be sacked for the pay off. No other possible explanation.
  6. oh shit we are really fucked. Buckley, Dack and Gally.... Starting with 7 men and a kid away from home.... genius. Worst team selection ever. Must have pulled them out of a hat.
  7. Just checked the LT expecting to read he went last night and find a new thread on here already on page 200. Nothing.
  8. Thought he looked agitated tonight (almost animated). Was there some pressure ? Gone in the morning ?
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