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  1. Don't think we will sign anybody until after Arma has actually departed and the numbers have been crunched by Cheston. Until then we are under a transfer embargo.
  2. It won't be curtains Merce. It will be the start of a bright new future for Rovers with a reunited fanbase behind our great club. A crystal clear mill pond in place of the swamp.
  3. Greens will be happy May 17th.... They will be able to give trees a hug again.
  4. Please can we just stop wasting everyone's time, go into admin ASAP and then get cracking rebuilding Rovers.
  5. Indian variant loose in Bolton. Surprise. Not. Will be in Blackburn by now.... just in time for May 17th. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/19288978.hyndburn-still-highest-coronavirus-infection-rate/ Hyndburn highest in the country closely followed by Bolton and Blackburn. At this rate we will be in special measures again.
  6. Tawny Kitaen aged 59. Rock babe back in the day.
  7. They will be taking the knee to the tune of Mowbray Out today.
  8. Should be play off celebrations today but instead.... Just go Mowbray !
  9. pressers arriving to Mowbray Out Waggott out
  10. Shouting Mowbray out in the rain stewards shadowing me around the ground. Least I can do is make them earn their 10 Waggott Bob.
  11. Except people will be falling over themselves to get down Ewood after covid. The same protest which sees 15,000 not going hasn't been noticed so another 200 missing from the 2500 will be nothing to them.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56984886.amp French fishermen have always been a militant bunch.
  13. I will be there Saturday. I won't use what others might think or say about me as an excuse. If there is 10 of us then 10 it is. What % of Manure fans turned out ? Should they have not bothered because of the opinion of their armchair masses or social media scorn ?
  14. 5 minutes reading twitter and I decided I really don't want to be associated with all these plastic keyboard clappers who think Venkys and Mowbray are doing great. I hope Waggott puts their season tickets up to £700
  15. Doubt it. 4000 spread around Ewood. Probably half of them politely clapping us winning a corner. 2010/11 average attendance was £25K. Give or take only the clappers still go down...get behind the lads ffs. This thread being largely Mowbray Out but Anti any action, being proof.... Lets just rely on hope that they get rid of him but if they don't never mind we can get tickets to shout a bit...no booing mind.
  16. Match now delayed to unspecified time. Neither teams have arrived. Gary Neville on now complaining about their decline on and off the pitch....stadium rotting, no paint, areas around the ground derelict and undeveloped. Bearing in mind Jack had Rovers competing for titles in a stadium to be proud of.... and now.... Rovers fans should be doing the same on Saturday.
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