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  1. Fabulous. Just ordered one. Thanks for this. I was once a kid on the Riverside watching Tony so this is perfect. If we wait for "our club" to honour Tony we will be waiting a very long time.
  2. Thats sort of where we were with Sam. Survival first football. But not fun. Our new owners opted for entertaining football, Kean & Ronaldinho. It's an example in the textbook of how to fuck up your club. Also no coincidence they said the same about Sam never getting a crack at top jobs. When it came he fucked that up.
  3. Fairly poor half. Buckley overhit every crossfield pass. Diaz not urgent enough to get onto a couple of balls. Not one shot on goal.
  4. Ayala on track to be our player of the season IF he stays fit AND Diaz doesn't score 25+ goals. Certainly been good so far.
  5. The only thing the club has done right for years.... those new shirts.... Can I nip down for one before the train to Barnsley ? Oh wait...we don't sell our own shirts. Are we the only club in this crazy situation or are there more? Suppose they will sell out the "end of Sept ish" allocation and the next lot will be due from China in January. Bad Santa.
  6. Today its Derby Tomorrow hopefully us, so we can start again without the baggage and a united fanbase. Watch Derby newco be above us within 3 seasons.
  7. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-09-11/peston-covid-infections-higher-in-doubled-vaxxed-aged-40-79-than-for-non-vaxxed
  8. The worst thing was at 2-0 hearing the BBE singing about winning promotion and Mowbray being our king. Absolutely Shameful. No wonder we are in such a sorry state.
  9. OMG Breo and Gally fuck up at one end and there you go at t'other end.
  10. Too many weak links in today's team for me. Right side consisting of Buckley, Dolan & Nyambe to name 3. No new signings in the side.
  11. Don't worry folks... In today's episode, Dack is on the cusp of back... lyca new signing.
  12. Just read Tony's deadline day bumbling bunkum. What a load of shit. Aka lies. Special mention for his mate Parky in case anyone thinks he is a waste of space and money. Erm.... I think I've heard it all now. Good to know he spent several hours of deadline day drinking brews and chatting about wingers to an imaginary traveller with lots of bags instead of buying a striker.
  13. Everyone knows that. Lots of double vaxed super spreaders out there. I know someone who died only yesterday double vaxed in Preston Covid ward. BUT the new rule is only to manipulate more to get vaxxed. It isn't about controlling the virus like previously. Now its all about living normally with the virus in circulation and the vax keeping people out of hospital. So your point is outdated come Oct 1st. Just read the first 3 paragraphs https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-proof-of-full-vaccination-to-be-made-mandatory-for-entry-to-nightclubs-from-end-of-september-12359283
  14. Read the article properly. It relates to now, when the scum are starting spot checks etc. The 4th paragraph about both options in reference to this new situation at OT. Only the third paragraph mentions the next phase which the PL expect from Oct 1st. This is double vax passport.
  15. Think you misunderstand the new rules. It is double vax = passport = entry. Testing isn't even an option for entry. It has been in test events etc but that was only until the vax numbers increased and so we could host all the summer events. £ The new double vax passport is basically to manipulate another few % of the population.
  16. Here it comes.... Oct 1st. No vax, No entry. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58469827 Looks like my away day to Blackpool will be off.
  17. England to follow Scotland and bring in vaccine passports at the end of the month, for football (and other events) with over 10K people ? Probably why Swag was happy only selling 6000 STs, to avoid many refunds. Can see walk ons stopped. 6000 better than BCD £££.
  18. So in Scotland you need a vaccine passport to go to the football (or any other event) in stadiums holding 10K. No doubt this will be the same in England when the fine details are announced. Wonder how that will get squared with ST holders who are suddenly no longer eligible to attend?
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