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[Archived] Robbie Savage On Soccer Am


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Anyone else see Robbie Savage on Soccer AM (Sky) this morning, he was trying their new game Dart Board Challenge (Replacement for Crossbar Challenge) the dart board was in his house, i think, and there was a large photograph in the background of Savage going onto the pitch at Ewood with either his boy or a mascott. They also showed a clip of him at a Darts event in Shefield when he was still at Rovers.

Down side is that Fat boy Kevin Davies was also on!

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The large picture of him in his Rovers kit on his wall looked excellent.....never has a bad word to say about the club.

His enthusiasm and energy is sadly missed at Ewood.

He'd do very well in our midfield right now too!!

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I used to enjoy how Sav would practice free kicks before the game in front of the opposition fans, deliberately ballooning them over in to the crowd as hard as he could. You could tell he loved the notoriety.

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It was remarked by myself and a few friends how well savage played yesterday against the best team in the world. Its been touched on by other posters, more so in tongue and cheek, that he could still do a job at rovers.

Well I aint joking and believe he would be far more useful than some of the current crop that have played midfield for us this season. He never stopped in the 80 or so minutes he played yesterday, tackled ronaldo numerous times, played some good balls and got a standing ovation from the derby fans.

Crucially his fitness looked fine, and he is still as energetic as ever.

We have replaced him with far more ineffective players (Vogel, Andrews, Grella)

Its not just his individual performance, but he galvanised the team and got the crowd going, something we havent had since he left.

While its easy to blame Hughes for perhaps selling him prematurely, he was out of favour at derby, found himself on loan at brighton, and if Ince or even Allardyce had been a bit shrewder, we surely could have got him back for a fraction of what we sold him?

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The Savage you saw yesterday was not the Savage that left Rovers when he did.

It would have been risky to keep him in the side with his game clearly lacking in class and there would have been a heck of a lot of complaining going on through out the transfer windows for him to be shipped out. 1 good performance yesterday yes; but we got good cash for him when we did.

However we most certainly didn't spend the mullah all that wisely. Not much else too say on the matter really.

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