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[Archived] Championship Manager - £2.51

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I haven't played it since the original makers of CM formed FM.

I pre-ordered a copy of CM2010 for £2.51 because it's as cheap as a pint and if it's good then I've got a good game for practically peanuts. If it turns out to be crap then at least I didn't spend £30 on the game and it won't bother me if I don't end up playing it again.

I heard the demo hasn't impressed a lot of people due to the amount of bugs etc but I think I read that the makers are aware of these and they will sort them out before the release date of the game. Hopefully with the amount of interest in the game now they're advertising it for £2.51, they will go all out and make it a true competitor to FM2010.

Just a thought - I wonder if SI Games will bring down the price of Football Manager to compete with Champ Man.

Fingers crossed!

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CM2010 is absolutely dire, judging from the demo. It's not worth 2p let alone £2.

Go to Youtube and check out "cm2010 set piece exploit" to marvel at the genius coding of the match engine. If there are bugs that serious in the demo, who knows what lies beneath. No way Eidos can fix all those before release date - and they've already said there will be no patches once it's released, only data updates.

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Has anyone downloaded this yet and played it?

Currently downloading it and wondering whether the problems found in the demo have continued onto the full game or whether the full game has actually impressed players of Football Manager. I haven't played Champ Man since the original creators left to form FM but for £2.51, I don't think i've got anything to lose if it's crap or not.

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I haven't played Champ Man since the original creators left to form FM

The original creators (Sports Interactive) didn't leave for Football Manager, they just ended a deal with with Eidos...Eidos, being the publishers, got to keep the name 'Championship Manager' and Sports Interactive got to keep the game, all they had to do was find a new publisher and give it a different name...that's where Sega and 'Football Manager' came in. Eidos had a get new software company to write a manager game from scratch so that they could stick the 'Championship Manager' label on it.

Played the CM demo for a while and it's horrible, not even worth £2.51.

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