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[Archived] Online Hard Drive

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Thanks for that, I'll give it a look.

Transferring the files via msn or skype was taking 5/6 hours, even with both of us having relatively fast internet connections.

I'll give you time to come up with the joke.

Depending on the size of the file, it could well take hours. Fast internet connections are only REALLY fast for downloading, uploading, ie sending the file will still be fairly slow. For example, I have the Virgin 20Mb service however I can only upload at 764k (or somewhere around that).

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Try dropbox, their basic offering is free and gives you 2gb of disk space. I use it all the time to get files from work to home as well as share stuff with mates.

If you decide to try it out you could use my referal code https://www.getdropbox.com/referrals/NTI5NDQ2MTk which would get me an aditional 250mb :-)

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Well it would be silly anyway. You said yourself 'not gigs', so you could have it shared from the comfort of your chair in the same evening all for free online...the posting route is more expensive, more effort and a lot more inconvenient.

If we were talking several gigabytes then maybe posting would have been more efficient, but certainly not for anything under a couple of gigs.

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