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[Archived] Characters

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I wonder who the big characters in the dressing room are now? I know Dunny in his day used be the life and soul of the party but he seems to of calmed down a little after having kids. Tugay had an amazing pressence around the place and he's moved on.I hope it's not all about who's got the most bling watch with Diouf and Pascal. With all the moves in and out i guess it will take time for the players to all bond and players showing there true Character.

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Just cos you have kids, you don't lose your sense of humour; I'll bet Dunny is still a good laugh. Sam seems relaxed enough in training. It seems that Dioufy and Nelsen are among the jokers too. This is going off when I went to training about a month ago.

Didn't nelson and Diouf come to blows after the everton game?

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