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[Archived] Ipad or laptop?

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I recently had my laptop stolen in a burglary :(

I`ve since been paid out by the insurance company & want to get back on-line. I like the look of the ipad, but are they as good as they look?

I don`t do much technical stuff on my computer (when i had it) just mainly internet. I like the idea of the ipad being small, light & portable.

So my question is.....If you had the money, would you buy an ipad or a laptop? :huh:

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I have an iPhone mate and you can do all you can on an iPad on an iPhone. iPad you have to actually connect it to a laptop or PC just to get it going and you also have to connect it if you want to transfer films or music onto it. I would deffo get a laptop as you can get really good spec (and slimline) laptops now at reasonable prices

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I like the idea of the ipad in certain situations. Mainly for use in a lounge, quick check of emails, check imdb when a film is on etc etc. But I would always want the back up of a PC/Laptop that is actually easy to type on for letters/emails etc.

Can you print from an Ipad? I've not really thought about that one before.

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