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[Archived] Financial Analyst

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My company is currently recruiting for a financial analyst position. The role is a 6 month contract, starting as soon as possible and the pay is approx £18k pro-rata. Role is in East Lancs for a growing local business, and could lead to a permanent role. We are looking for someone with good analytical skills and who has decent knowledge of excel, outlook etc...Telecomms experience would be great too but not essential.

If anyone is interested or has more questions please PM me.

Mods - Hope this is ok to put on here - if not please remove.

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I've no idea what the going rate for a financial analyst is. Is 36K per annum not good for whatever that is?

Edit - Have I misinterpreted the pro rata bit?

Yes ... £18k is the wage if the job was full-time (37.50 or 40.00 hours per week). So if it is say 20.00 hours, the pay would be £9k gross.

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The pay isnt my decision, but the title probably over-eggs the actual role. We are looking for someone with the skills I mentioned above. I dont think that the pay is great but for someone young looking for an opportunity it could be a good move. I understand the difficulties in it only being a 6 month contract but the right person would probably be kept on permanently (not that thats in any way guaranteed).


Thanks for asking. Yes moved away from that hell-hole about 18 months ago, and very happy with the company I went to as well. Managed to find the rest of the department I worked on new roles too.

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