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[Archived] Xmas Drinks

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Or if Vodka is your weapon of choice i fully recommend here... :rolleyes:

25 different flavours including amongst others my festive favourite: mince pie flavoured vodka warmed with fresh double cream! :D

(I know sounds disgusting but honestly it`s really nice! :blush: ).

Other flavours are:Foxes glacier mint (nice with lemonade!),skittles,swizzles double lolly,fruit salad,rasberry,rhubarb and custard as well as all sorts of different concoctions! available at £15 a bottle.Not advertised on website,but mentioned on their facebook page!.

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I drink ale rather than than larger and I prefer real ale from Thwaites and 3B's. Looking at some decent bottled ales for home drinking at Xmas I came acrss these fantastic offers at £1 a bottle:


Best supermarket for beer by a mile!

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Sounds a little bit gay that does Bacup... <_<

Not really...

After years of extensive and expensive research,I came to the conclusion that by only drinking vodka,I realised I can get as drunk as I want to without getting a hangover or being sick. :D

EDIT:However,if anybody prefers macho real beer then i recommend this Brewery in Todmorden which is run by a relative of mine.Oh the irony! :lol:


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On the vodka front I have made a gooseberry flavoured vodka liquer, red currant gin and a summer fruits vodka liquer.

The gooseberry one is very delicate, a real treat; redcurrant gin with sparkling wine us excellent and the summer fruits is OK but will not try again.

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Still on vodka, does anyone know if you can get vanilla flavour?

I had it in Croatia. It was really good with tonic water.

I haven't noticed it over here but must admit I've not searched too hard either.

Absolut Vanilla, available in most shops and every airport. amazing stuff with coke. 700ml will probably set you back £18 in a shop.

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