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[Archived] Making A Slide Show Movie

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I want to make a simple slide show of about 30 photos, set to a backing track of music. I have never had any skills in Moviemaker and tried to do it with this software but found it frustratingly annoying and awkward to use.

I just want them to fade in , from black, stay on for a few seconds, then fade out to black. Then the same again for all the photos for the duration of the song.

Can anyone please suggest if Moviemaker is easy to do this with, and tell me I'm an idiot or alternatively point me in the right direction of some other freeware/shareware etc I can access that is compatible with a luddite?

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I cant think of many things easier to use than Moviemaker other than iMovie, and you clearly dont have a mac to be talking about moviemaker.

I think maybe you just need an hour sat down playing with Moviemaker to achieve what you want, its all very simple.

Have you tried tutorials on youtube to guide you through each step? Basically all your doing is file, import (music), then file import every picture you want in this slideshow, then drag both the sound track and the pictures on to the time line, click before each picture and find effects, then fade in, and repeat the same at the end of each picture but finding fade to black.

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What version of Windows do you have Ozz?

Microsoft stopped making Movie Maker a while ago, but you can still download the old versions, 2.6 is available here - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=D6BA5972-328E-4DF7-8F9D-068FC0F80CFC&displaylang=en It used to be incredibly easy to do what you want.

Nowadays all Microsoft release is Windows Live Movie Maker, which is nowhere near as good. I'm going to hazard a guess and say you tried it with that? If so try the 2.6 link above

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